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After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with hate breeders, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed preservation overlords lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mates, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again.
Over the years I have tried my best to further both the hobby, as well as the friendships that it brings. I have done this by setting up proactive groups both here in Australia, as well as the Philippines. It is with huge honour that I am often considered the founding father of the railfan hobby in the Philippines (my second home).
I don't take the hobby too seriously and I am a friend to anyone who is good and genuine. But never forgive those who have used their hate to destroy my hobby or hurt the friends within it.

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We occasionally publish information on the locomotives, and rollingstock, from railways in Australia and the Philippines.
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Saturday, July 10, 2021






844 831 Sleepers/Ballast Tailem Bend 07.05

BL30 C506 Dn Steel 2AM2            Belair 13.36

421 334 Up Pass Belair 18.33

BL34 Dn Superfreight Belair 2AM2 13.36

N473 N472 Dn Overland Belair 2AM8 19.11

BL35 703 Dn Freight Belair 2AM7 20.10


BL29 X47 Up Freight Belair ?MA? 08.27

G514 BL28 Up freight Belair ?MA? 08.39

N463 Up Overland Belair 09.13


3010 Pass Belair 09.13

BL29 X47 Dn freight Belair 3AM5 17.20

317 405 Up Pass Belair 18.34

N463 Dn Overland Belair 3AM8 19.08

BL28 Dn freight Belair 3AM6 19.11

706 844 Dn Gambier Goods Belair 3745 19.50

603 at Snowtown. Loco is currently stored, 847 is scrapped.


GM42 C507 C509     L/E Dry Creek South 07.34

518         L/E Dry Creek South 07.39

OBF-721 -- 4 wheel, scrap steel wagon

GM44 Trip Roadrailers Dry Creek South 07.43

701         L/E Dry Creek South 07.47^

508         L/E Dry Creek South 07.49

527 534 Up Flats Dry Creek South 07.58

^ - 701 missing side numbers

416         Terminating Dry Creek South 08.01

366 320 419 Up Pass Dry Creek South 08.06

508         Oil shunt Dry Creek South 08.16

GM42 Up L/E Dry Creek South 08.23

DL49 Dn Indian Pacific Dry Creek South 08.38

833         Up Goods Dry Creek South 08.41

701         Up Oil Dry Creek South 08.57

DL46 Dn L/E Dry Creek South 09.05

GM43 931 Dn Penrice Stone Dry Creek South 09.15

GM44 Dn Short Goods Dry Creek South 09.23

AL23 Steel to Gillman line Dry Creek South 09.38

N455 Dn Overland L/E Dry Creek South 09.49

DL48 EL54 CL3 +

AL24 GM27 Up Freight Dry Creek South 09.58

BL32 705 BL30 +

BL35 703 Dn L/E Dry Creek South 10.01

847         Oil Shunt Outer Harbour 10.45

BL32 BL30 Dn Freight Eden Hills 17.27

BL35 Dn Freight Eden Hills 18.48

N455 Dn Overland 4AM8 Eden Hill 18.54

963 844 Dn Mt Gambier Eden Hills 19.12

BL27 GM42 Up Freight National Park Bridge 19.32

963 844 Dn Mt Gambier National Park Bridge 19.33

966 stored at Port Augusta workshops.
Locomotive now scrapped.


BL33 BL29 Up Freight Belair 07.07

C510 C502 Up 4MA3 Freight Belair 16.45

BL33 BL29 702 Dn 5AM2 Freight Belair 17.22

2003 2103 Up Jumbo Pass Belair 18.34

G531 Dn 5AM6 Freight Belair 19.06

N469 Dn 5AM8 Overland Belair 19.14

706 844 Dn 5745 Mt Gambier Belair 20.00

603 at Snowtown. Loco is currently stored, 847 is scrapped.


931 GM43 Dn Penrice Stone Dry Creek South 08.40

X54 BL35 Dn L/E Dry Creek South 08.44

DL37 CL15 GM22 Up Freight Greenfields 09.05

Dry Creek MPC

AN2 CL4 EL58 EL61

839         L/E ex Gillman line Dry Creek South 10.52

532         Acid to Gillman line Dry Creek South 10.52

508         Shunt Dry Creek South 10.50

874         Yard Dry Creek South 10.55

BL30 701 Dn L/E Dry Creek South 10.58

527 534 Dn mt steel Dry Creek South 11.05

310 313 up pass ex DCS Dry Creek South -

GM44 Dn L/E Dry Creek South 11.14

DL42 DL41 AVHP ex Gillman Dry Creek South 11.18

874         Up Goods plus

702 BL27 C506 Dry Creek South 11.21

X54 BL35 Shunt movement Dry Creek South 11.30

934 GM42 931 Shunt movement Dry Creek South 11.30

BL32 Dn steel slab

705 on the end. Dry Creek South 11.33

508         Up Freight Transfer Dry Creek South 11.49

517         Shunting movement Dry Creek South 12.11

N471 Dn Overland L/E Dry Creek South 12.11

706         Stanvac Oil Dry Creek South 12.11

874         Up newsprint transfer Dry Creek South 12.53

534 527 Dn motorail transfer Dry Creek South 12.57

BL35 X54 C506 934 Shunt movement Dry Creek South 13.47

DA1         Shunt movement Kilburn 13.50

C509 C501 Dn Freight Kilburn 13.50

BL30 Dn Freight Belair 19.55

BL32 701 Dn Freight Belair 21.23


N472 Up Overland Keswick 08.53

GM42 831 706 Up Freight Keswick 09.20

874 Coke To Gillman Line Dry Creek South 10.21

Dry Creek MPC

508 603 604 606 931 T401 GM30 DL47 CL9 C503

EL51 Up Ghan Virginia 11.45

DL38 CL9 DL47 GM44 Dn Freight Two Wells 15.29

604 603 606 Dn Freight Two Wells 15.53

BL31 Up Penrice Stone Dry Creek South 17.08

G537 702 Up L/E Dry Creek South 17.15

N472 Up L/E for Overland Dry Creek South -

517         Dn Transfer Dry Creek South 17.34

GM30 CL16 Shunt movement Dry Creek South 17.40

534 527 Dn L/E Dry Creek South 17.45

N472 Dn Overland Belair 19.01

G532 702 Dn Freight Belair 19.45

C509 C502 C501 +

C503 BL29 931 Dn Freight Belair 20.44

DA1 with a wagon transfer at Stirling North.


841 843 845 Up Ballast Tailem Bend dep 17.54

845 843 841 Dn L/E Tailem Bend 19.03

931 836 Dn Mt Gambier Murray Bridge 20.15


BL30 Shunt movement Dry Creek South 17.40

N472 Dn Overland Belair 19.07

BL33 Dn Freight Belair 19.16

607 at Port Augusta. Loco is now scrapped.


N463 Overland Keswick 10.22

Redhens In Adelaide Railcar Depot

314 345 343 350 344 422 431 434 304 309 410    436 364 402

403 430 Belair Pass Caught Adelaide-Belair 17.50

BL34 X54 702 Dn Freight Mile End 17.55

NOTE: Electrical problems along the Belair line, level crossings out of order from Hawthorn to Eden Hills area. Police at all crossings, signals showing red or black.

N463 Dn Overland Belair 19.19

BL34 X54 702 Dn 3AM5 Freight Belair 19.29

BL32 Dn 3AM6 Freight Belair 20.04

G537 705 701 931 Dn 3AM2 Freight Belair 20.21


833 Dn L/E Belair arr 04.35

Pick up load earlier left on Fosters Straight.

833 Up Goods Belair dep 05.05

435 408 Up pass Glenalta 07.30

BL33 Up Freight Belair 08.57

833 Shunting Keswick 10.54

X50 BL29 Up Freight Keswick 11.03

3001 Tonsley Pass Caught To Tonsley 15.50

831 Dead End Sdg Belair 19.08

C502 BL30 963 Up 4MA2 Freight Tailem Bend-Keith 22.31

931 Up 4744 Mt Gambier Keith 22.50

N462 Dn Overland (Ours) Adelaide-Melbourne

Thusly, we racked off down to Victoria.
One decade we shall get to those sightings.

BU2 BU3 BU? having a bludge down in Whyalla. Converted from former 600 class ALCo locomotives, all would be scrapped in 2009.

704 852 705 GM42 961 963 on MA7 at Lynton in Adelaide. 28-4-1995
852 Junee Railway Workshops
961 Stored at Goulburn
963 preserved stored by Steamranger.
704 is believed stored and destined to go to Steamranger for preservation, while GM42 has been restored to operation by One Rail..

965 stored at Islington Workshops in Adelaide.
Locomotive now scrapped.

963 961 on a Mount Gambier goods in the final day of services to that once busy centre.

961 in the Tailem Bend loco depot.

Preserved 958 climbs Clapham Bank with a broad gauge special to Victor Harbor.
958 is still operational, but is isolated on the Victor Harbor line following standardisation of the mainline..

DA2 (was 832, now 902) and 706 on a Penrice Stonie train at Port Adelaide.
It is believed DA2 is still operational, while 706 exists unserviceable.
The Penrice Stonie no longer operates.

874 CK3 838 on a Penrice Stonie train at Port Adelaide.
838 is now stored at Junee (NSW) and 874 is 907 with OneRail.

DL41 was freshly painted in the new National Rail livery and used on a promotional run to Crystal Brook.
Korunya 26-4-1995.

963 961 passing through Belair (Adelaide Hills) on the last goods train from Mt Gambier.
Despite good amounts of traffic coming out of their, the government felt it easier to close the line than to convert it.

BL31 on a Penrice Stonie train at Nurioopta, on the now closed Barossa Valley line..

CLF1 (ex CL2) was still quite a new rebuild when caught up with at Port Augusta.


RIP: Jonathan Coleman 
Thank You For The Laughs.

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