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Thursday, July 21, 2022


An event well worth celebrating.

Happy Birthday Junee Roundhouse!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 Back in March we headed to Canberra for a wedding anniversary. Instead of doing the ol Federal Highway in both directions, we set off down the Barton Highway to Yass.

The main reason for this choice was to finally carry out a long-held plan to visit some great friends in Yass and, while there, take the opportunity to check out one of those museums that have long been a favourite.

My first ever road trip, back in the mid-80s, took in Yass Town amongst many other locations.

 As luck would have it, we had only just missed a 48 there shunting the Caltex depot. Thus depriving me of ever seeing a train operate along there.

However, that did not end a very long fascination in the line, one that continues to this day. This is the reason why this museum remains so important to me.

If you find yourself in Yass on a Sunday (10am - 4pm), I can thoroughly recommend a visit to this fantastic museum.

Besides the outside exhibits seen here, you can explore the wonderful collection inside the station itself. Lots of photographic history, memorabilia, a large model railway, and a souvenier shop is all waiting for you inside.

Location: 8 Crago Street, Yass

The entrance fees are extremely good for  2022.

Adults: $6

Children under 12: $4

Family (2 adults + 3 children): $12

Concession: $4


The exploring fun need not end there, with much of the branch, including the street section down Dutton Street, and the impressive Yass River bridge, which can be followed by road.

Once you get back to the junction, there is the stunning Yass Junction station to check out.

Really is a great day out for the family.

Yass Town station building.

Photo: Brad Peadon

Kettle 1307 was built by Beyer Peacock & Co of Manchester. 

1637 of 1877.

Photo: Brad Peadon

The view from 1307 looking towards the very end of the line. After curving as seen in the photo, the line crossed the street into the local Caltex depot, then a short way beyond into a mill.

A short section of track still exists in the unloading area of the mill.

Photo: Brad Peadon

End platform carriage 1259, built in Australia back in 1908.

The goods shed is behind.

It was retired in 1975.

Photo: Brad Peadon

530 built by 'Vulcan Foundry' In Lancashire.

Originally #128, a member of the P127 class, a type that would be seen along the Yass Town branch from 1892 till 1910. It became 530 in 1897.

Following use on the tramway, it was sold to the Commonwealth Government for Jervis Bay breakwater construction, then later still sold to Kalingo Colliery (South Maitland coalfields).

It spent many years shunting the colliery, before being set aside. It would sit around for years before being rescued for preservation by the 'Richmond Vale Railway'. 

It would later return home to Yass.

Photo: Brad Peadon

156 - Covered trike.

Photo: Brad Peadon

ABV 13856 - 'Arnott's Biscuit Van'.

Built in 1908 as a CV (covered van), it would later be internally lined in 1963 and recoded to ABV for delivering Arnott's biscuits around the state (including Yass Town).

Photo: Brad Peadon

HG 10834 was built in 1900 and is of a type that operated to Yass Town until the late 1960s.

Photo: Brad Peadon

The base of another HG van.

Photo: Brad Peadon

Unidentified fuel tanker of a type that once served the four fuel terminals that once provided so much traffic to the line.

Photo: Brad Peadon

Fettlers Hut.

Photo: Brad Peadon

Yass Town lays claim to having the shortest platform in New South Wales.

Photo: Brad Peadon

I've always been fascinated by the track layout at Yass Town. It would make a great model railway.

To the right are the two loading banks.

Photo: Brad Peadon

The sign is obviously from the other end of the line.

Photo: Brad Peadon

X203 is a shunting tractor built at the 'N.S.W Railways Water Supply Workshops' at Chullora (Sydney).

While X203 was never used on the line, its sister X202 was the sole motive power from 1964 till 1972. Sadly, it went on to be scrapped in 1989.

Photo: Brad Peadon

The museum has two S trucks from a fleet that originally numbered over 10,000.
Photo: Brad Peadon

The out-of shed and cream stage.
Photo: Brad Peadon

Viewing looking back towards the junction, taken from the platform of the goods shed.

The goods loading crane would have seen much use once upon a time.

Photo: Brad Peadon

Dutton Street in Yass has a rare, for New South Wales anyway, section of street railway.  It runs down a number of blocks to the trees visible in the distance, immediately beyond which is the impressive Yass River bridge.

There was a recent move to have this section lifted, but it was greeted with much opposition.

Photo: Brad Peadon


The bulk of information in this post comes from the 'Yass Railway Museum Visitors Guide' which is supplied to everyone visiting.

There is much more information contained in the publication, while the volunteers would be more than happy to discuss any other questions you may have.

At Yass Town in 1987 and 2022.
Above: 1987 - David Henderson photo.
Below: 2022 - Ana Peadon photo.


Thank You

Yass Railway Museum

Alf & Vicki Atkin



Video: Cootamundra to Yass - 1989

Video: Yass Town Branch - 1989

Video: Yass Junction Station - 2021
Note: A video of the day is planned and will appear on the
We occasionally have Yass updates on our

Tuesday, July 5, 2022



7-9-20013917 -Up ContsNambour10:00 
8-9-20013921 --- Strange noting of word 'Cono'
 2838 -Dn FreightBundaberg19:05 
9-9-20012485 2176 1743 3908-Maryborough W19:15 
 1768 --Maryborough W19:15 
 3915 -Dn CattleNth Of Gympie10:44 
 3930 -Dn CattlePetrie13:24 
 1651 1509 1503 1526WorkshopsRedbank15:25 
 1514 1519 1524 1513WorkshopsRedbank  
 1515 1525 1505 2102WorkshopsRedbank  
 1516 1520 1530 2456WorkshopsRedbank  
 1755 1750 1710 1726WorkshopsRedbank 1726 Damaged
 2115 2141 2142 2109WorkshopsRedbank  
 2151 -WorkshopsRedbank  
 1700 1701 1711 1708LMDRedbank15:50 
 2154 2308 1650 1709LMDRedbank  
 1764 - LMDRedbank  
 2121 2173 2304 2306   Noted in book, but no information.
 1766 2334   Noted in book, but no information.
 1177 1225 1200 1400PreservedRedbank- 
 2118 2106 2119 2108For ExportHamilton-Unsure Of Day, Awaiting shipping to Chile.
 2114 2104 2107 2103For ExportHamilton- 
 2112 2113For ExportHamilton- 
DATE 2002LOCOSTRAINLOCATIONTIMENOTES: Operation Hurricane - Daven Walters & Chris Walters
14-9-20022815 -Down 6C77Babinda20:21 
 2373 -Up ContainersInnisfail- 
15-9-20022321 -Dn 3C37Boogan14:11Dn Sunlander
   Chased Innisfail Stn,Bellenden Ker,Harvey Ck,Gordonvale,Kamma
     NOTE: Bellender Ker with #7 On Ballast
 1771 -PassengerCairns From Kuranda
 1754 2815 2479 2845DepotPortsmith- 
 1733 1773 1729 DH45DepotPortsmith- 
 1734 2321 1771DepotPortsmith- 
 3620 (0401)DepotPortsmith- 
16-9-20022815 2392 2355Up freightInnisfail21:09 
 2850 -Up FreightInnisfail  
17-9-20021773 -Up MollassesBabinda08:14 
 2312 -Up PassBabinda Ck09:51 
 1773 -Dn MollassesBabinda10:35 
 2823 -Up Freight x 5Babinda Ck11:15 
 2833 -Up FreightInnisfail21:18 
 2313 -Up FreightInnisfail22:19 
18-9-20022186 -Dn FreightInnisfail06:53 
 2303 -Dn GSPEInnisfail07:34Great South Pacific Express
19-9-20022156 2151 2117-Townsville Port16:35 
 2213 --Townsville Port  
 2847 2472 2849 4039FreightTownsville18:15from port
 2177 --Townsville 18:10freight terminal
 2194 2209FreightTownsville18:26 
 1150 1263PreservedTownsville  
 2413 -FreightTownsville19:07Adobi Motel
 2821 -FreightTownsville20:31Adobi Motel
20-9-20022182 2600 2843 2826DepotStuart06:47 
 2609 2155 2188 2146DepotStuart  
 2213 -Sugar Train?Stuart07:09 
 2845 -Dn FreightTownsville07:29South of Townsville
 2212 -Dn SugarBrandon13:12 
 4037 4022Empty CoalKaili17:10 
 4037 4022Empty CoalPring17:23 
 2410 2411 4027 4029DepotPring- 
21-9-20021740 2474 2809StationMackay- 
 2809 2610Up FreightMackay20:18 
 2822 -Dn FreightMackay- 
22-9-20022497 -Sugar Train?Marian10:26 
 3210 3408 3241 3263DepotJilalan  
 3414 3419 3144 1576DepotJilalan  
 2137 3223DepotJilalan 2137 had an original cab.
 DH37 DH73DepotJilalan  
 1573 1574 LTC1849DepotJilalan No photos
 3102 3257 / 3285 3266CoalYukan15:303102 may have been 3103
 2192 2373Up MolassesYukan15:40 
 3104 3276 / 3277 3214Empty CoalYukan16:51 
 2189 -Empty cattleRockhampton22:03Northbound
 2829 2471 2490 2143 DepotRockhampton-Depot shots
 2181 -DepotRockhampton-Depot shots
23-9-20022836 -FreightRockhampton07:24Northbound, Denison Street
 3642 3610 3634 3414DepotCallemondah Photos
 2346 3901 3415 3528DepotCallemondah Photos
 4014 2414 4006 3503 DepotCallemondah Photos
 2206 DH72DepotCallemondah Photos
 2306 2362 3546 3532DepotCallemondah No Photos
 2348 3907 3912 3910DepotCallemondah No Photos
 3532 2179DepotCallemondah No Photos
 4019 4031EDI RailCallemondah  
 1571 -LimestoneGladstone14:33To Taragoola
 2163 2202Up FreightGladstone14:54 
 301 302Dn Tilt TrainGladstone16:28 
 3924 -Dn CementGladstone16:32 
 2150 -ShunterGladstone- 
 2331 2116WoodchipGladstone17:36 
 2185 -L/EGladstone17:37Arrive
 3926 -ContainersGladstone17:51Southbound
 2346 2306 2414 2179Light EngineGladstone20:26 inc 3526 ex Callemondah
 2414 2179 2185Oil TrainGladstone20:48 
24-9-20023503 3406 2362DepotCallemondah08:17 
 302 301Tilt TrainGladstone08:47Byelle Road Xing
 3908 -Dn FreightMiriam Vale09:45Pages Road
25-9-20023911 -Dn FreightMary West10:38Cross
 3925 -Up Q'landerMary West10:39Cross
 1763 -ShunterMary West  
 1632 1639 1649PreservedMaryborough Mary Valley Tourist Railway, 1632 Operational
27-9-2002DH2 1461 1281PreservedIpswich Workshops Railway Museum
 1710 -PreservedIpswich Workshops Railway Museum, cab only as driver sim.
28-9-20022142 2140 2147 2110WorkshopsRedbank  
 2136 2102 2115 2141WorkshopsRedbank  
 1511 1513 1519 1515WorkshopsRedbank  
 1518 1520 1523 1506WorkshopsRedbank 1518 Partly dismantled for 423 conversion.
 1525 2105 1754 1755WorkshopsRedbank  
 1749 1753 1726 2605WorkshopsRedbank  
 2612 -WorkshopsRedbank  
 Interail Coal HopperWorkshopsRedbank No visible identification.
 1400 -WorkshopsRedbank Opposite workshops
 2210 2162 2193 2160WorkshopsRedbank Opposite workshops, cabs only.
 1730 -WorkshopsRedbank Opposite workshops, cabs only.
 2356 2360FreightAcacia Ridge14:01 
 2173 -ShunterMoolabin14:10 
 3915 -FreightMoolabin14:37Arrive
 3930 -CattleWacol16:23 
 3930 -CattleDinmore16:39 
 1707 -PreservedSwanbank Privately preserved
 2373 1723 1650 2146DepotRedbank  
 1746 2485 2489 1766DepotRedbank Photos of all except 1766.
29-9-20022304 1745Up FreightMorayfield14:36 
 3919 -Up SunlanderMorayfield15:03

- -

2358 2352 (formerly 2454 and 2422) On a coal train approaching Helidon.
Photo: Brad Peadon

ICE157 passing through Albion station in Brisbane.
Photo: Brad Peadon

The very impressive combination of 2190 2209 2311 2825 and 2301 on a freight passing through Albion station in Brisbane.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2330 (formerly 2400) at Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2346 (formerly 2416) and QR Blue 1768 at Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2346 (formerly 2416) at Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2390 (formerly 2504) at Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

1768 was one of the fast dwindling locomotives still in the old QR Blue livery.  Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2330 (formerly 2400) at Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

1744 (above) and 1757 (below) were also still QR Blue survivors at the time. Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2358 (formerly 2454) at Willowburn (Toowoomba) locomotive depot.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2494 at Redbank in Brisbane.
Photo: Brad Peadon

1772 at Redbank in Brisbane.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2494 at Redbank in Brisbane.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2213 newly painted in the 'QR Eagle Livery' at Redbank in Brisbane.
Photo: Brad Peadon

2179 getting an 'Eagle Livery' repaint in the Redbank Workshops paintshop (Brisbane).
Photo: Brad Peadon


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Sam Rutherford

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