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After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with hate breeders, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed preservation overlords lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mates, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again.
Over the years I have tried my best to further both the hobby, as well as the friendships that it brings. I have done this by setting up proactive groups both here in Australia, as well as the Philippines. It is with huge honour that I am often considered the founding father of the railfan hobby in the Philippines (my second home).
I don't take the hobby too seriously and I am a friend to anyone who is good and genuine. But never forgive those who have used their hate to destroy my hobby or hurt the friends within it.

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I aim to share the era that I considered mine, the 80s and 90s. I also like to help promote, and even raise funds for, the various heritage societies that keep the era alive
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Monday, September 21, 2020



The Pichi Richi Railway, based in Quorn (South Australia), was formed in 1973, and operates the last remaining portion of the old 'Central Australia Railway'
through to Port Augusta.

Though I have been to many a tourist railway over the years, hence my interest in promoting and helping, the Pichi Richi has always held a top position in my favourites list.

The fascinating history of the line, the outstanding restoration work, coupled with scenery so incredible that bad photos are almost impossible, make the Pichi Richi Railway a must see for anyone lucky enough to be in the area.

Brad Peadon

Pichi Richi Railway Website

W933 was the kettle in use during the days we
visited in 1995.
The locomotive was build by 'Beyer, Peacock & Co'
back in 1951-52.
She is currently in storage at Quorn.

The world famous 'Steven J Miller' is seen at
Quorn with W933.

W933 crossing the original 1878 iron bridge over Waukarie Creek on the approach to Woolshed Flat, the terminus of the line at this time.

W933 passing Summit, which was the original terminus of the tourist railway from 1974 until 1979.

W933 crossing the Flinders Ranges Way.
That Commodore was our rent-a-car for our monumental trip from Sydney to Sydney, via South Australia and Victoria,

W933 back at Quorn.
Note the stunning Quorn station (opened 1893), which gives a great idea of how important this former junction station once was.

Woolshed Flat, which was the terminus of  heritage operations at this time.
The line was reopened to this point in 1979 and remained as such until 1999 when it was extended to Stirling North.

PRR Museum At Quorn

SMC1 "Coffee Pot"
The locomotive part was built by Kitson & Co of Leeds, England (1905), and the coach section was built by Metropolitan Amalgamated Railway Carriage and
Wagon Co of Birmingham.
This last part is of particular interest to me, as that is the same company who built the last remaining six-wheeled bogie carriage in the Philippines.

T186 built by 'James Martin and Co' of Gawler in 1909 and withdrawn in 1970.
She is currently awaiting overhaul.


In closing, if you find yourself in the area, or are looking for a wonderful rail experience, don't miss out on the 'Pichi Richi Railway'.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020



Howdee readers,

    Last weekend I was treated to a Hunter railfan day for my 52nd birthday, organised by Mr Bradly Coulter of the 'Hunter Valley' Coulters.
As usual with these one day trips, we (with Nips Cassidy) set off quite early, with High Street (Maitland) being our intended first destination.
  After bollocking around at the F3 Caltex, soon to be AMPOL I guess, we partook in the reasonably new Hunter Expressway to Kurri, then the turnoff towards Maitland.

 That's where the initial plans went out the window, with the taking of Nips down to see the former East Greta railway station.
  Of most interest, at least to me, was the extensive work done to the road bridge just north of the former station. The timber fencing had been replaced with metal, while the decking appeared to have been strengthened. 

  The track, and platforms, were the same as always. However, as the line is currently mothballed, the track had a good coating of rust.

  Anyway, after a brief look at the mining ruins, it was back off towards High Street, with a quick (or so we thought) diversion via East Greta Junction in search of some industrial shunters.

 We actually were quite successful at the junction, with Gemco Rail's X200 (ex X107, ex X207) sitting in the perfect spot for shots, and South Maitland Railway's newest loco, #32, situated slightly less so.
  The Gemco people were incredibly good and, as luck would have it (for a change), they were just about to fire up the shunter and move some steel wagons.

NOTE: The East Greta Junction visit will be covered in a separate blog post. Video Here.

So, with our South Maitland desires suitably taken care of, we set forth towards High Street station where the others were patiently awaiting our momentous arrival.

 1029 – Up coal – 9011/9013/9018

1042 – Up coal – 9319/9210/9315

1044 – Dn Aurizon coal – 6001/6026

1053 – Up Pacific National coal – 9007/9006/9003

1110 – Dn Pacific National coal – 9302/9318/9209

1112 – Up One Rail coal – XRN014/XRN018/XRN030

1127 – Dn Pacific National coal – TT08/TT121/TT117

1158 – Aurizon Up coal – 5002+5004 WDP

1202 – Dn Pacific National coal – 9314/9205/9305

1211 – Dn Pass – NP23 5 car 

1217 – Up SCT – SCT012/SCT015 6BM9

1223 – Up Aurizon coal – 5003/5025+5011

1237 – Up Pacific National coal – TT132/TT01/TT06

1240 – Dn Pacific National coal – 9002/9023/9017

1247 – Dn Pacific National coal – TT02/TT04/TT130

1258 – Up Pass – NT36 XP2014/XP2000 6car

1259 – Dn Aurizon coal – 5035/5033+5041

1309 – Dn Pacific National coal – 9313/9308/9213

1316 – Up 6BM4 – NR21/NR16/NR102

1319 – Dn 6MB4 – NR85/NR20 6MB4

1328 – Up coal – 5005+5042

1340 – Dn Pacific National Coal – 3x90

1358 – Dn coal – 9027/9034/TT03

A logo from yesteryear.

1402 – Up Pass – NP24 6car

1417 – Up coal – XRN008/XRN015/XRN020

1432 – Up coal – XRN005/GWU009/XRN017

1436 – Dn coal – XRN019/XRN029/XRN022

1443 – Up coal – TT07/TT05+TT127

1509 – Dn coal – 9011/9013/9018

1518 – Up coal – 5028+5037

1531 – UP – XRN007/GWU006/XRN027

1540 – Dn coal – 9015/9010

1545 – Up coal – NR108/9321/9324 7SB3

1554 – Dn coal – 5003/5025+5011

1556 – Up 8436 Grain – 8245/8251 

1602 – Up coal – 9012/9004/9009

This old timber mill is a fascinating feature of the Pitnacree area. It did make use of short sections of rail for it's operations, one surviving bit being seen here.
While having been disused for many years, the site appeared to be used by the 'Roads and Maritime Services'.

The final part of the days celebrations was dinner and train watching at Cootieville, an impressively large model railway in suburban Newcastle.
A couple of shots for your entertainment pleasure.

That is all I'm afraid.
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