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After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with hate breeders, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed preservation overlords lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mates, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again.
Over the years I have tried my best to further both the hobby, as well as the friendships that it brings. I have done this by setting up proactive groups both here in Australia, as well as the Philippines. It is with huge honour that I am often considered the founding father of the railfan hobby in the Philippines (my second home).
I don't take the hobby too seriously and I am a friend to anyone who is good and genuine. But never forgive those who have used their hate to destroy my hobby or hurt the friends within it.

Let's Make The Hobby Great Again!
I aim to share the era that I considered mine, the 80s and 90s. I also like to help promote, and even raise funds for, the various heritage societies that keep the era alive
We occasionally publish information on the locomotives, and rollingstock, from railways in Australia and the Philippines.
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Friday, July 23, 2021




  Briefly stayed at the ‘West Private Hotel’ on Hindley Street and went to the Woodside Chocolate Factory.


845 Wheat ex Pt Adel Dry Creek South 17.30

874 GMH Gillman 17.36

GM43 844 BL29 Dn Gambier Freight         Belair 21.20

3002 3018         Dn Pass Belair 22.03

CK1 DE1 with a rake of empty iron ore hoppers headed to the Iron Baron mine.


N464 Up Overland Keswick 08.51


G542 705 703 847 Dn Freight Glenalta 00.37

BL31 Penrice Stonie Nuriootpa 11.37


GM30 GM32 L/E         Osborne 11.10

Dry Creek Motive Power Centre 12.02








833 836 (Hood) 845


AZXP-48R at Tailem Bend loco depot. Photo: Brad Peadon


C508 506 S307 Dn Freight Tailem Bend 16.13

GM42 703 706 961         Dn Grain Monarto South-Murray Bridge 17.20


Dry Creek Motive Power Centre 


C501 C510



EL60 EL63

845 846

VFN-055 Mk1 Leopard Pt Wakefield 10.53

Paskeville Station -- Little Platform, No tracks --

848 Shunt Port Pirie 15.44

AN6 --         Port Pirie 15.51

DL48 GM46 DL44 -- Thomas Playford Power Station 17.15

-- -- Cab Ride Around Loop.

EL58 ?? Spencer Junction (Tele shot) 18.40

GM47 Dn Roadrailers Spencer Junction 22.37

A still fresh looking ALF24 at Broken Hill.

 Photo: Brad Peadon


DL46 DL39 ALF24 Steel to Whyalla Spencer Junction 07.28

DA2 Shunter                 Spencer Junction 07.28

GM33  GM?? Withdrawn Port Augusta 07.38

EL57 ALF19 EL55 Up Superfreight Spencer Junction (dep 10.20) 10.03

DL39 DL46 Up Steel         North of Whyalla 14.50

DE09 DE01 Ore         BHP Whyalla 17.14

DE07 Shunt BHP Whyalla 17.14

EL58 Dn Oil Spencer Junction 19.08

607 Shunter                 Spencer Junction 19.11

DA2 Shunter                 Spencer Junction 19.11

EL52 Dn Indian Pacific Spencer Junction 23.31


DL41 Up Oil         Port Augusta 06.46

ALF21 CLP14 Dn steel to Whyalla Spencer Junction 07.08

EL60 ALF24 Dn steel to Perth         Spencer Junction 08.06

CLF1 L/E                 Pt Augusta to workshops 08.30

607 DA2 Shunters         Spencer Junction

DL48 GM46 DL44 L/E                 Thomas Playform Power Station 16.46

ALF23 ALF20 Up freight         Spencer Junction 17.00

ALF23 ALF20 --                 Spencer Junction 20.58

CLP11 --                 Spencer Junction 21.05

GM28 (displayed as GM22) at Port Pirie station. Today the locomotive is stored at Seymour (Victoria)

 Photo: Brad Peadon



EL57 EL55 CLF3 Dn Westliner Spencer Junction 07.30

AN1 AN8 Up Freight         Spencer Junction 07.30

Wilmington Yard         Across Paddock

Melrose Yard        Crane and mountain

Wirrabara Carriage Carriage 7551

NSU62 NSU55 Preserved         Steamtown Peterborough

AN1 AN8 Dn freight         East of Peterborough 12.28

DL49 GM41 Stabled                       Peterborough 12.30

Hallett Yard No track, reversed name board

1329 (ZC30) On Truck         Saddleworth 14.55

Dry Creek Motive Power Centre


AN5 AN7 AN11

BL27 BL31 BL32 BL33

C501 C509



DL37 DL39 DL42 DL47 DL49

EL53 EL55 EL57 EL62

GM37 GM40 GM41 GM42 GM43 GM44


N459 N467

T387 (Wallaroo)

501 505

703 704 705 706

833 834 836 844 848 852

DA3 Shunting Dry Creek Yard

**  Photo: GM41 703 from N467.

**  Photo: Inside CLP14 N467

BL35 Up Stonies Dry Creek 12.37


EL59 Up Ghan         Keswick 10.50

ATOF-807 at Tailem Bend loco depot. Photo: Brad Peadon

EL64 603 on the former branch to the Thomas Playford Power Station
 Photo: Brad Peadon

BL33 EL58 EL53 doing buggar all at Spencer Junction (Port Augusta)
 Photo: Brad Peadon

English Electric H2 at the SCT terminal in Adelaide. 
 Photo: Brad Peadon

English Electric 507 on a service between Goolwa and Victor Harbor.
 Photo: Brad Peadon

AN6 and AN8 sit on a train at Spencer Junction (Port Augusta) Photo: Brad Peadon

CK1 DE1 with a rake of empty iron ore hoppers headed to the Iron Baron mine.
Photo: Brad Peadon

CK1 DE1 with a rake of empty iron ore hoppers headed to the Iron Baron mine.
Photo: Brad Peadon

 DE1 shunting the blast furnace at BHP Whyalla.
Torpedo ladel #4. 
Photo: Brad Peadon

DE8 preparing to depart BHP Whyalla for Iron Baron.. Photo: Brad Peadon

DH1 was the last survivor of her class at the time of our visit.
She has since been scrapped. Photo: Brad Peadon

Unidentified at Tailem Bend loco depot. Photo: Brad Peadon

Fuel tankers. Photo: Brad Peadon

W933 on a run from Quorn to Woolshed Flat. 
Photos: Brad Peadon

Summit - Pichi Richi Railway

W933 at Woolshed Flat Photo: Brad Peadon

W933 at Quorn Photo: Brad Peadon

W933 at Woolshed Flat Photo: Brad Peadon

W933 at Quorn Photo: Brad Peadon

W933 at Quorn Photo: Brad Peadon

Wednesday, July 14, 2021



Howdee assorted transport fans, and welcome to the latest installment in the 'Bus Guff' series.

In what will likely (not) come as a crushing blow, this will be the last for a while, as I have exhausted
the current lot of bus shots.

Never fear, as I plough on through the boxes of photos, I am sure more rubber tyred 
railmotors will be found.

Or not!

Marshall's Denning MO-0312 in Eddy Avenue (Sydney).
Marshall's still exist, based down at Moruya in NSW.

CWM-095 - Spencer Street station in Melbourne.
A Denning Denair of Mee's Bus Lines, awaiting departure to Mansfield.
Mee's still operate a V/Line service to Mansfield seven days a week.

MYB-223 on route 219 passing the South Dynon locomotive depot on Dynon Road.

Sta Liner PXH-651 sitting outside 'Chateau de Artocillo' in Payatas A (Quezon City, Manila).
Taken way back in 1999, the only surviving part of the bus is likely the number plate, which now resides in Sydney.

A number of recognisable faces turned up at the Rockdale signal box on a preserved Sydney Mercedes.

BNG-73 at Joe's Parking in Mascot.

My grandfather hanging off the side of a Centralian Tours coach (top photo) and behind in the middle shot. My grandparents made a few trips with this company, but they didn't take many shots of the buses.

Well, it is a type of bus. A rail mounted pay bus sitting at Goulburn.

CV-30-ZP owned by CMC Limousines at Farley.
They are located right near the former Farley railway station.

Much has changed here.
3430 has been withdrawn and now is part of the 'Sydney Bus Museum' fleet, the 400 does not go to Burwood anymore, this railway crossing has been closed, while a multi-story carpark now exists on that land the the left.

Joe's Airport Parking shuttle bus had seen better days.

M/O 1851 on the former 302 to Circular Quay at Mascot. Today the 302 operates to the city from Eastgardens.
1851 was scrapped by T & I Engines of Rutherford.

DEE CEE's CZ-510 in Fiji ( likely Lautoka )

PACIFIC BS-114 in Lautoka, Fiji.  2006

1361 at Potts Point.
Now withdrawn from service.

Thanks: Hayden Ramsdale
Bus Australia