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Friday, April 1, 2011

This is a month that will go down in the anals of railfan history as the 'Semi-Retired Foamer' attempts to share over 200 photos of the New South Wales 'World Series' 44 class over four weeks.
The SRF has had quite the thing for these beasts since very early in his gunzel career. As a result, several hundreds of photos have been taken, all of varying quality as I've moved from instamatics, to SLRs and now those flamin digital contraptions we have to endure today.
So join me through April as we roll through some of the collection. Many will be low in quality due to lack of experience and lack of money for anything better, but most show a part of history no longer repeatable.

Sydney Terminal used to be a great place to visit in search of loco hauled services from all directions. One of the favourites was those to and from Goulburn and Canberra.
Here we have a rather worn looking 4446 arriving with a passenger service from the former location.

For some time in the early 90s it become the custom to head down to a 'then' friendly Botany yard in search of ALCos. The Sunday evening BS3 would always have some up front, either running through from Brissie, or having exchanged to something else around Enfield.
This late night found 4486 and 4857 doing the Patrick shunt.

4446 again.

Hmmmmm, yes well 4446 was a popular loco. Here she is at Delec near the end of her working life. By now she had been painted into a heritage scheme rather similar to her original look above.

To prove I did shoot other 44s, here is class leader 4401 in the reverse livery at Central station.
Before withdrawal she would be painted in the ghastly red and white (Red Terror) before preservation saw her revert to her original livery.

Sunset over Taree.

4482 does the sleeper siding shunt at Taree on the NSW North Coast. The loco has now gone, but that nose door with the 4482 went on to be privately preserved.

4403 and 4855 rest around the long since obliterated Delec locomotive depot in Sydney.
4855 has left us, while 4403 remains in this livery and preserved.



Anonymous said...

Is the 44 Class month a way to cause hysteria, and to avoid the press learning that it's Gonzo's 40th birthday on 3 April?

Maybe a shot of 4445 could be posted for Gonzo - his favourite piece of fine machinery that didn't get fitted with rubber tyres.

alcogoodwin said...

He payed me a hefty amount to do it :)

And yes, 4445 will figure into it all, but know flaming Leylands (this is sacred afterall :-)