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Monday, April 25, 2011

Goulburn trains at Sydney Terminal are a reoccuring theme during our 44 class celebration. This reflects both their regularity on these services, as well as my frequent visiting the station for them.

This time it is the turn of 4442.

Not quite as happy look as the above photo, 4442 is seen stored outside Junee roundhouse.

4439 also joins the ranks of the stored and soon to be scrapped.

Broadmeadow locomotive depot plays host to ALCos 44225, 44240 and 4442.

4438 shut down at Sydney Terminal between passenger runs.

4438, now in Red Terror livery, at Broadmeadow.

The days are numbered for 4435. Heavily stripped, she sits outside Chullora workshops awaiting scrapping.

A similar story to 4435 above, but this one being played out at Sims Metal Mascot.

What is believed to be the last run of 4433, seen here at Bulli while returning from a passenger run from Sydney to Moss Vale via the Wollongong route.

A few days later she was noted at Delec withdrawn, subsequently taken to Cardiff where she was scrapped.

4433 At Broadmeadow.

4432 in Candy livery at Delec.

4432 in her original livery sits at Sydney Terminal.

4438 at Sydney Terminal

With the closure and wiping out of Delec locomotive depot, scenes like this could never be repeated, even with locomotives of modern classes. It is hard to blieve that this busy depot, which once saw my attendence nearly every weekend, is currently just a dirt plot awaiting redevelopment. Back when it was a busy locomotive servicing location, 4427 is seen shunting around.

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