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After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mate, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again. Having learned to laugh, with others, at all the more 'Moronic Foamers'.
.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
We occasionally publish information on the locomotives, and rollingstock, from railways in Australia and the Philippines.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello one, hello all. Well I assume there is more than one, at least going by the site hit numbers.

I have to say that to huge amount of feedback has been awe inspiring and has certainly encouraged me to continue the series of old shots, I thank the BOTH of you.

One certainly has to spend a lot of time finding, scanning, preparing all the photos for the net, while smutty comments like you find here come only after years of practise - its not an art anyone can achieve.

Still if at least one shot raises one pantal bulge a year, then indeed it has been worth it.


I think I still have the photos from that day somewhere in the fridge.I'm surprised a photo of Jacob or Mr English isn't on here.

Huggies - Queensland

Hi Huggs,I have no pictures of Jacob, however a shot mof Shakey would have to turn up eventually :-) Especially some quality stuff from that day around Nambour and North Arm......



"Perhaps Google Broken Hill to source further info on Broken Hill."

You are really trying to stress me out with using two lots of total wankerwords in the one sentence are you not?English translation..."Google" how I hate that...search, find etc on the analnet.."source"...look, search..see above..locate, look for, track down, examine, find....using such pathetic generic terms does not qualify anyone for a 6 figure salary, yet, tragically, today it does!Any looser who can dribble wankword bingo and really believe it, does!Bollocks.

The Colonel - Sydney

Love you Colonel, you are like a male version of our Ferlie.



I'm surprised Jason didn't drag Jacob along.

Huggies - Queensland




Monday, September 28, 2009


Presented by: Cooties

When your a fulltime railfan you spend plenty of hours lineside and at gunzel special occasions, thus it is obvious that over time you will meet many fellow fans with similar interests.

Of course all people are different, so some that you meet become life time friends, some an occasional aquaintence, some purely are pains in the bottom, while many just want to play with your bottom.

OH YES, you may laugh, but you show me a railfan than can't tell you a scary story of a penis predator and I will show you a liar. They come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention all different types of railfan or even bus gunzel interest.

Thankfully the better mates have way outnumbered the loonatics, well perhaps not 'way', but they are outnumbered.

Many shots of these people over the last two decades were recently found and tonight we start a series, sharing the memories, sharing the fun, forgetting the violations.


What better a way to start than with my brother Woodrow,
the nomad of the railfan hobby.
There ain't many places around Australia that Woody has not
lived including good ol Sydney.

Here we have Woody again, seen during the party following
my first son's christening.
Many people are surprised to learn he has a real name, Daven Walters, and with him is SuperX, father of fellow foamer MrX who appears below.

Strawb was certainly an interesting character.
He has since disappeared into the mists of time.

Here we have good ol Woody again, this time he is seen with Proserpine (Queensland) identity, David Rowe (aka Rowie, Sugarbush and Sugarpubes).
This shot was taken during our 'Operation Hurricane' trip where we netted well over 200 cane locos in a two week period.

Well what can we say - there is nobody that comes close to the Colonel, both for his unique views on the world and his record breaking
consumption of alcoholic beverages.
A self proclaimed 'Feral Backpacker', he has travelled to most parts of the world in a serious effort to spread his word of gloom, doom and strange sex practises.
Colonel is worshipped by many and is the first railfan to have had a church set up in worship of him (see FACEBOOK).

MrX, also occasionally known as David Xuereb, is seen here during a chase of 4306 4490 and 4520 from Sydney to Brisbane and return via the now closed Murwillumbah line.

Twas a young, and somewhat pissed, MrX taken at my sons christening.
He was still some years away from discovering pure blondes, both
the beer and two legged types.

Ahhhhh every now and then you reach a historic moment in your railfan career, and so it was on this day opposite the Redband locomotive depot that my good mate Paul Henderson become Huggies.
WHY? Well I will leave that to readers to find out or Huggs to tell you himself.
Haven't seen ol Huggies for a long time, hopefully be able to catch up again soon.
COMING SOON: Brad's Archive returns with a look through the Port Kembla steelworks railways before Bluescope moved in and screwed them over.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello ferals, foamers and regular members of society who have managed to stuff up and find themselves on my website.

I recently was shovelling through the crud I call an archive in search of things Philippine related, when low and behold I come across a couple of boxes of photos that I haven't seen in well over a decade.

The boxes are from an era that I gave up cataloguing and thought it would be a damn sight easier just to shove them altogether in boxes and push them to the bloody side. After all, I was getting married, and you all know whats on the mind when your getting married hey, heheheehehehe, yes, hmmmm, well some of the railfans may know anyway.

The boxes contain older trains shots, as well as piles of shots of people I've known and places I have been.

While rooting through them I had one of those rare good ideas, I could do a serious of them on the website. I mean they are no bloody good to anyone here other than the occasional cockroach that tends to treat them as a dump for its faeces.

Thankfully the novelty of life has long since worn off and I have nothing better to do than catalogue these photos finally and share them with anyone who gives a left testie about old railway photos.

I am not a selfish prick, like so many others, so if by chance something may be of use for an article, book, or just a general whinge to some railway publication, please feel free to ask. I am not going to sodomise you for doing so.

Where I am able, I shall try to fire up the decaying memory and share any stories behind the photos, why I was there, who I was with. I suppose, in many ways, it will be just like those life stories that super stars write, and like them, I am sure nobody will give a right toss.

Thoughts, comments and additions are always welcome - should you have the time.





Its a name guaranteed to raise tent shapes in almost any railfan's durps, a huge yard, dual gauge, border station for the NSW and Queensland Railways. Even from a modellers viewpoint it is an awesome subject, having been attempted as a layout a few times, but as yet I am unaware of anyone who has completed the feat.

By the time I got the shots above I had already been through 'The Garra' on a few occasions, but on this 90s day we actually spent the afternoon covering the place for the purposes of our own attempt at a HO scale exhibition layout.

We didn't intend to get here, actually we departed Brisbane in the early hours to go to Toowoomba, first to check out Willowburn depot, and then go to a local model railway open day.

The model exhibition was not all we had hoped for, sort of like the first girlfriend when she tells you she is waiting for marriage before doing the SPECIAL thing, so we decided to check out the Millmeran branchline. Headed south, we managed to cover it all before lunch and, following much discussion found ourselves penetrating deeper into the cavity of south Queensland, our destination being the Texas branch.

Texas itself must have been an interesting yard, comlete with triangle.

If I recall correctly, the station building still existed at the time of our visit. I remember walking across a field with MrX to photograph a old railway building, then leaving in a hurry when a bull started its approach with a look of hate on its face. Despite the possibility of a severe bovine violation, I am sure we obtained some photographs and these will likely surface eventually.

With the afternoon getting on, we again set sale, this time into NSW again, then along the border to Wallangarra.

Thankfully daylight was still plentiful and the next 3-4 hours were spent combing the yard, photographing, discussing and occasionally letting out a strangely erotic grunt when something of interest appeared.

All to soon we were headed back to Brisbane, rabbiting on endlessly about the plans to build the Wallangarra layout, a layout that 13 years later still ain't happened.

God knows what year this was, it was in the 90s and it was part of a two week triangle trip from Sydney to Port Augusta, Whyalla, Adelaide,
Melbourne and back to Sydney.
Have done this run a few times, this trip being with one Bob Gioia (aka alco4833).
I, ahhhhhmmm, buggar. Sorry am having a bit of a rum block.
Perhaps Google Broken Hill to source further info on Broken Hill.

More random shots coming soon.

We start the second part of our story at the Neath Hotel on the 19th of September where various members of the 'Neath Hotel Railfan Group' attended the inaugeral meeting of the 'Merriwa Railway Society'.
Whi;le not officially members of the Merriwa group, as it is our local we felt it wise to be in attendence to ensure much rowdy behaviour would go on :-)
Please enjoy the following little look at the attendees of the meeting.

Left to Right
Brad Coultar (who looks like he just sat on a carrot), Andrew Tailby,
Paul 'SMR30' Bird and Jason Roberts.

Left To Right
The World Famous Colonel (aka davo1620), Mr Nathan and Brian
Leedham (Chair for the inaugeral meeting)

Trent Pegler's head starts to list to starboard.

Colonel donates large quantities to the Neath Hotel economy!

Birdie and Cooties feed their faces while, ahhmmm, whats his name looks on.

No wonder he is worshipped near and far!!!!!!

MrNathan just loves his Neath Hotel days and his gunzel mates.

Streeeewth - hope the wife dosen't see this Colonel!

Sadly all good Neath occasions must come to an end, however, instead of the usual collapsing in a room upstairs until morning (or the first passing coalie), the Neath gang headed on to the 'Richmond Vale Railway Museum' to see what was running.

Mr Nathan and Cooties help out by ensuring the track in in gauge.

SMR30 (the locomotive, not Paul Bird) heads towards Pelaw Main.

Seems the first gauge check was not good enough and they needed to try again.

BHP34 heading back to Richmond Main.

A bit closer - obviously!

Jason Roberts and The Colonal argue over whether the G sets are more
attractive than single deck trains.

Theres that pesky BHP34 again, heading to Pelaw Main.

And to finish off the day we headed back to East Maitland for some late afternoon piccies of trains passing the new bridge work that will
ultimately destroy this location (bastards).
Amongst many other delights were these two EL class on a down wheatie.
Thus concludes our coverage of the latest Neath Hotel weekend.
Coming up shortly is a look through the photos recently found buried in the bowels of the garage, along with special guest Cooties and his look at fellow foamers I have had the pleasure, or otherwise, of knowing over the years.
Thank you for coming and PLEASE mind the drool as you leave.
We are to tight to get PLI!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A brief afternoon around Gelco!

With apologies to Midnight Oil!

With my good friend Chris heading to town, an immense blanket of dust covering the city and the pending removal of the level crossing at East Botany (a regular foamer favourite), it was deemed a good time to extract the digit and head on down to our local goods line.

Having spent most of the morning around the airport a fair portion of the dust had racked off by the time I got lineside. Still there was a cloud thicker than that which regularly hangs around the table on a Neath night.

1446 passes over the doomed crossing at East Botany.
Starting as a level crossing, the cars were removed many years
ago when it was converted for pedestrians only.
Still this was not to stop the most desperate, with a stolen sports car hitting the dirt ramp and landing onto the rails a few years ago.

Visitors from the South Coast and the United Kingdom!

The doomed crossing!

Should you wish to join all the whinging bastard residents complaining about
port developments and extra train movements.

4898 and 44208 approach Port Botany!

Underneath a cloud as dusty as the 442, 4498 waits to depart for Minto while 442s2 and RL306 pass by!

World Series ALCos - Locomotive Hornbag

A 'China Southern' jet is seen in the dust after a last minute aborted landing.


Ahhhhhh yes it was that time again, its spring, a time when a young man's thoughts to love and a foamers thoughts turn to the Hunter Valley.

While not really a weekend, given this was a one day venture north to sit in on the inaugeral meeting of the 'Merriwa Railway Society', much opportunity was taken to consume the Hotels fantastic food and delightful 'alcoholic' beverages, during a sampling of Colonel's finest orchestral instrumentation from the nearby gentlemans convenience.

As it was likely to be the last time I can drag my rapidly decaying frame to East Maitland prior to the most glorious of all hackspots, Pitnacree Bridge (aka Houro's Bridge), being destroyed by a brand new bridge catering for the ever growing needs of humanity. I thought this would have to be the go for the first few shots of the day.

Now I am not going to sit here and type up a whole pile of sightings for you to quickly persue through and soon forget about. Nah stuff it - I can't be bothered.
So instead - please devour the following selections of gunzel porn taken on the dribbly cam which will appear over two parts.

NOTE: I hold no responsibility for expansion of personal
body parts while viewing the following!

Just in case anyone cares - our first sighting was this flamin thing!

The Colonel brings along a sample of his new gunzel rag.
To be released in 2012

PL5 48120 48137 pass through East Maitland with one of two services out of Pelton
that morning. The afternoon services were cancelled.

NR92 NR83 NR52 scream through East Maitland with a load of containers
bound for the 'Shakey' city of Brisbane.

The excitment of the earlier Huntercar was way to much for Nathan and Colonel.

The elder-statesman of Hunter railway photography, Mr John Hourigan
as found in East Maitland waiting to pounce on the next exciting combination!

9005 9022 8241 up coal rooooooooooar through East Maitland 20kph.

A Broken Man - 8am and still no Bundy!

Buggar, didn't I just show this one?
Must have come back for a second run through.

8237 8217 8210 Down empty coal passing through East Maitland.

Yes, it was getting very hot. As a safety precaution much fluid was consumed.

Perhaps a little to much was consumed in retrospect!

Anyway, eventually 8226 8254 8129 9007 took centre stage with a rake of coal
headed to port.

Cooties, 3112 and the World Famous Colonel!
All members of the 'Neath Hotel Railfan Group', Facebook and AA.

5010 5004 make a welcome change to the endless Pacific National passings.

Despite being a hot and sunny day, the moon did make a brief apearance.


In Part 2 we shall sit in on the inaugeral meeting of the 'Merriwa Railway Society', visit the Richmond Vale Railway and head on back to East Maitland for the final hours of daylight.
You come back again - ya here?