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Friday, September 4, 2009

From: OnTrack! Regional Rail Review

Humphrey: We've got to shut down another railway, Minister

Jim: Oh I say, do we?

Humphrey: So it seems minister

Jim: Which one this time?

Humphrey: Over at Cowra

Jim: Cowra! That's the war cemetery place?

Humphrey: Not quite - Japanese prisoners revolted - there was a prison camp

Bernard: Wasn't the natives then?

Others both stare at Bernard

Bernard: Being revolting

(They return to the subject at hand)

Jim: Ah! - That's the report? (Puts his hand out for Humphrey's file which he peruses)

Jim: I see they've got to stop trains to close it down

Humphrey: A tourism group minister - you know, run trains in the week-ends.

Jim: Can they take them somewhere else? People like them y'know - chuffing
about here and there.

Humphrey: Oh yes Minister - there could be arrangements made

Jim: Right - mmmm - right - (reflects) save us money will it?

Humphrey: (nods)

Jim: S'pose we must then - other priorities, eh! - any problems?

Humphrey: The local councils aren't happy

Jim: Local councils are never happy.

Humphrey: They're coming to see you.

Jim: How many?

Humphrey: Five of them

Jim: That many -why?

Humphrey: They've formed a consortium - an alliance - to progress rail -
their railways - this one!

Jim: Did we know?

Humphrey: Oh yes indeed.

Jim: How do they want to progress rail then?

Humphrey: They want to take the lines over.

Jim: Do they? - what a good idea!

Humphrey: I'm not so sure.

Jim: Why ever not? - local enthusiasm, business involvement, productivity,
trains even?

Humphrey: All of that

Jim: Well where's the problem?

Humphrey: They'd probably make a show of it - contain costs - be efficient .

Jim: I see - show how it can be done, eh!

Humphrey: Probably

Jim: Set a precedent?

Humphrey: Yes minister!

Jim: Difficult!

Humphrey: Yes minister!

'Yes Minister! Australia 'is an adaptation from the original BBC series.

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AsianTrains said...

Good satire. Thanks.

Even worse is when local governments give rail the SAME subsidies that roads and air travel get.