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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random Ticket Guff!

Below are a random selection of tickets from the 'New South Wales' western line collected during the 80s. All may be of lots, little, or bleeding interest at all.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Rozelle & The Mungos Shunt!

Went out to Rozelle for a looksie today.
The train that was due to come out (thought to be the last one, but the issuing of a safe notice for the Parramatta Road making us unsure) had been badly delayed.
With husband type duties to perform a little later I decided not to risk the lecture and just try my luck at Mungo Scotts. Mungos still used rail to recieve its wheat, but this, the last regular traffic on any part of the Rozelle line, is expected to transfer down to Maldon shortly.
The running of T363 and T381 was not to happen until after this train had shunted and cleared the line.If the rain holds up it could be a good opportunity for anyone in the area this afternoon.
Try as it may, the Rozelle line still refuses to die. Endless false alarms of closure are recieved, but still something else happens to ensure another train goes down.
It can't go on forever - but hopefully more chances will be had.


Looking back towards Wardell Road Junction! May look overgrown and disused, but there are far worse sections!

Bli Bli Pies & Randy Ducks - It Can Only Be Moreton! Part 6.


This very deep cutting in the township of Bli Bli was a popular location for photographs. Heading away from the mill it was approached on a steep grade, followed by a level crossing, after which one would plunge into the coolness of the cutting itself.
It was also a popular walking track with the locals who would often risk meeting a cane train when only half way through. Timing was everything with there being little room in the cutting for anything other than the train itself.
Loaded trains headed for the mill were often seen helping each other through the cutting until the downward pull of the grade helped speed up the leading rake.
On my last visit the tracks had all been removed and rubber boots the order of the day if one wished to walk through. Parts of the cutting on one side had began to fall, so access may not be possible at all before long.

Looking down into the cutting from a road that passes overhead.

Level crossing on the southern approach to the cutting!

Inside the cutting!

Immediately beyond the cutting the Punt line branched off to the right. It would make a huge curve, pass behind the Bli Bli shops, then pass over the previously featured David Low Bridge.
Line curving to the right is the mainline to River Depot and points north.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Train nTo Rozelle! (Again)

Just recieved a message from Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth regarding a run to Rozelle tomorrow.
Seems the SS one the other week was not the last afterall.

Anyway the details:

Tomorrow (Tuesday)
Crew signing on around 7am, train expected around Rozelle about 8 or 9am, although in relaity anytime in the morning.

T363 T381

To pick up those weird spark shunters, the ballast hoppers and a sleeper truck.

Interesting the last two trains to Rozelle have been double T class, a type of loco you would once never have expected to see there.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Bli Bli Pies & Randy Ducks - It Can Only Be Moreton!.


Due to work commitments there may be some delays in postings over the next couple of weeks, indeed the next couple of months. I will however make as many visits here as possible, but hope you will be tolerant of any gaps in posting.
Our Moreton Mill series will continue shortly with a look at the impressive Bli Bli cutting. All were taken after closure, but prior to the removal of rail turning the walk through into a muddy quagmire.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

EMD on the SMR (A Pictorial Feast)

Well desperation to obtain shots of the T class on the SMR finally paid off.
After a mornings work at the NJC we headed straight to the Neath Hotel for lunch and to await the 1pm coal (Simpletons) from Austar.
Can't be buggared typing up a huge written story about it as I am sitting here under a big cloud following a huge evening out with the Philos. So you will just have to enjoy the pics.



The SMRs latest star attractions! T385 T387 pass the lovely Neath station
enroute back to the port!

Approaching Weston station!

Arriving at East Greta Junction and swapping the staff!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bli Bli Pies & Randy Ducks - It Can Only Be Moreton! Part 5.


Detail shots of PETRIE taken after the systems closure.
Many other detail shots of hood, top and pilot areas available if required.