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Saturday, April 12, 2008

EMD on the SMR (A Pictorial Feast)

Well desperation to obtain shots of the T class on the SMR finally paid off.
After a mornings work at the NJC we headed straight to the Neath Hotel for lunch and to await the 1pm coal (Simpletons) from Austar.
Can't be buggared typing up a huge written story about it as I am sitting here under a big cloud following a huge evening out with the Philos. So you will just have to enjoy the pics.



The SMRs latest star attractions! T385 T387 pass the lovely Neath station
enroute back to the port!

Approaching Weston station!

Arriving at East Greta Junction and swapping the staff!


Trent said...

Awesome photos Brad, thanks for sharing them! I don't suppose you'd know what time those buggers are going through the junction at? I'm keen to get up there and get some shots of them - even just on the coal roads, as last time I got there at 10am, they'd already long gone.

Seriously awesome stuff, I especially like the shot of the staff exchange - while these shots of the T's will be rare in years to come, important safeworking shots involving these locos give them a real sense of place and time. Fantastic work, thanks for sharing them.

(Drink a powerade or two to help with the hangover)


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see T's on the SMR! I just wonder how long this will last...???

alcogoodwin said...

Hi guys,
The T class are only expected (though things change regularly with South Spur) to see use until the end of the month.
Popular rumour is that two JRW 48 class are to replace them. Twould make for even more interest, however the Ts would be missed.
Interesting to note that the use of Ts has been noted by more than just railfans up there. The owner of the Neath Hotel even mentioned them to me :-)
Time vary, as with most coalies, but they are usually out of EGJ by 11am with a return just after lunch.
On Friday it was 10.40 through the junction with a departure from the mine around 1pm, back through Neath at approx 13.40.
Running daily, subject to crews being available. They have a severe problem in that area up there.
We hope to return again at least once before the month is out.