The Semi-Retired Foamer has been a railfan since he was around 5 years old, a very young age when one really should avoid being involved with the gunzel community to any great extent.
After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mate, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again. Having learned to laugh, with others, at all the more 'Moronic Foamers'.
.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
We occasionally publish information on the locomotives, and rollingstock, from railways in Australia and the Philippines.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Richmond Vale Railway - Hexham

Remains on November 4th 2012 during a visit of the SMR/RVR SIG.
To join the SMR/RVR SIG please click either on Facebook or Yahoogroups and join in.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

                                     ~~ HOSKINSTOWN - MOLONGLO RIVER ~~

  Starting at the very small platform and gangers shed that mark the location of Hoskinstown, we made our way towards the Molonglo River as we continued to head towards Captains Flat.
  Despite the Captain Flat portion of our trip being very railway biased, I have been surprised to find both my electronic game loving boys wanting to go back again.

Later this week, Bungendore through to Hoskinstown.
~~ CAPTAINS FLAT 2012 ~~

I had typed up a whole long article about this day and the town, but the pathetic service and reliability of the the Google Blogger sites has lead to it all disappearing AGAIN.
So you are left with only the shots.
Later this week I shall cover the rest of the line back towards Bungendore.


In coming days we will cover the line further back towards the junction at Bungendore.

The Captain Flat Association is now on FACEBOOK.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Bondi Junction


Vale Karabee - In her final years as a floating resteraunt.


And in closing we have a delicious Philippine treat, the last MC known to be in existence.

~~ FORESTVILLE 2012 ~~

G'day one and all.

Am trying to get through some older shots so I can clear them from the computer.

Amongst these are those of this years SMUT Modelling Group visit to Forestville, the first major exhibition of the 2012 year.

Years ago Forestville was the traditional start of our model foaming year and it is a tradition that may have recommenced with this years visit with fellow SMUTters MrX and Tezza.

Not much to say about this lot as time is limited today, however please enjoy all the shots from the day, starting from lovely downtown Narwee station.

Forestville Exhibition

The Mungo layout above was one of those impressive ones that you recognise the second you view it. Construction is progressing.

How does the truck turn around at the bottom?