The Semi-Retired Foamer has been a railfan since he was around 5 years old, a very young age when one really should avoid being involved with the gunzel community to any great extent.
After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mate, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again. Having learned to laugh, with others, at all the more 'Moronic Foamers'.
.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
We occasionally publish information on the locomotives, and rollingstock, from railways in Australia and the Philippines.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Bellbird, Bundy and Bollocks!
Another SMR Adventure.
Parts 2 and 3!

If you enjoyed the first part of our visit to the South Maitland
in search
of the South Spur coalie, then you will be
blown away by the other instalments!

WARNING: May contain traces of toilet humour.
If offended by such, best move onto another blog for a while.

Bellbird, Bundy and Bollocks! Another SMR Adventure. Pt1

PL2 48134 48137 pass Neath with empties bound for Austar (Pelton)

The arrival of 4816 and 48s33 upon SMR metals has had me chomping at the bit to get up there for some photographic coverage.
Numerous days were planned, all of which were shot down due to someones work commitments. Finally all could agree on a day to head north and get that which has been a major cause of minor throsby movement for so very long.

God forbid, only four hours sleep and the alarm starts shrieking out its grotesque sound, a sound comparable to pulling a cat apart and so often cursed when signifying a long day of fun around Darling Harbour.
Once the usual wake up grogginess disappears, it dawns that this was the planned SMR trip and that Terry would soon drag his sorry butt up to the front door and telling me to get in the van.
Hmmm corn flakes or bacon and eggs on the way. Not a hard choice, so one quickly grabbed the usual foamer equipment (camera, note book, hat, frangers) and headed out the door in preparation for Tezza's arrival.
Being on Filipino time ol Tezza turns up 15 minutes late and soon enough we were off to the Burwood Brewery to pick up the 'World Famous Colonel' with his own bag of foamer equipment (alcohol, camera, alcohol).
The offer of Bundy (no thanks dude, I am driving) pretty much set the tone for the trip for the balance of that day and night.

Timing is everything in the gunzel hobby. North of the freeway Caltex we get word that the South Spur train to Pelton had already left Broadmeadow and was enroute to East Greta Junction and points south.
Down on the accelerator, Cessnock exit, then a call to the crew as we approach Neath reveals "We are just arriving at Neath".
A simultaneous arrival at Neath level crossing means buggar all in the way of a shot, so we head off to the Kearsley crossing (home of the famous moose and at least two inbreds) for a rather dark looking shot.
Did little better at Bellbird or Pelton, although much colourful language came forth on the missing of an awesome glint shot between these two locations.

4816 48s33 - dn empty coal - Neath/Bellbird/Pelton

The decision is made to wait for its return, the crew suggesting this would be in an hour.The Colonel was concerned about the wait and his now empty Bundy bottle. He got out of the car and subsequently fell into the boot while trying to get his cameras ready.

Whats wrong with my seat - what you mongrels done to it?

Locations were being tested for possible use when the train departed when we were assaulted from the rear by a surprise PN service coming out of the pit and headed for port.

PL5 48143 48129 PL3 - up coal - Pelton
This was then followed by a number of other interesting rail based movements.

PL5 48143 48129 PL3 catch us by surprise as they depart Austar yard and pass over the road bridge.

Closely following the coal train were two rail mounted vehicles heading north for more track work.

Despite an initial urge to set chase, we decided not to risk the South Spur train and continued waiting, despite knowing that this train in the section added over another hour to the waiting time.

Regular SMR visitors will know the hassles one can have getting
parking around Abermain.

Thankfully our local contact Nathan showed us a brand new undercover
carpark just recently opened at the station.

After another half hour wait two track machines departed the pit and information was sought from the 'Lords of South Spur'. The horrifying news being that the train wont be leaving for at least two hours, with the departing PN train to cross another at East Greta Junction. This second train having to get to Pelton before the sought after one departed.

In Tezza and Colonel time this translated into a 1 1/2 bottle of Bundy wait, so after notifying MrNathan (who was about to join us), we headed for the 'Grumpy Chinese Greasy Takeaway' joint in Cessnock, then Cessnock Cellars for some Colonel medicine and set forth to Abermain station where numerous relics, including ourselves, were inspected until the train arrived.

Finally PL2 48134 48137 arrive at Abermain with a load of empties marking the start, not only of our first serious chase for the day, but the departure of all Colonel's memories.

With breakfast consumed, and usual smutty comments on meeting Nathan dispensed with, we heard the distant a distant horn that could only be from a 48/PL class.
Happy chat turns into the usual panic as foamers bolt towards their earlier chosen photo location just in time to get PL2 48134 and 48137 rounding Abermain platform with the shortened rake of empties.
It has been many years since I saw triples on this line, but for some odd reason Pacific National finds they have a shortage of 48 class units (despite many being in storage) and have, in recent weeks, gone for the shortened consists.
Quick shots were had here, before all attendees set chase, managing to catch it at Neath, Caledonia, Bellbird and Pelton.

PL2 48134 48137 descend Caledonia Bank on the approach to the
former Bellbird Junction.

*** COMING IN PARTS 2 and 3 ***
# The South Spur Coalie!
# The South Spur crew with a pathetic attitude!
# A look inside East Greta Box!
# Colonel declines Bundy Bottle #3 as it is now Tallie time!

44 Class Month-a-thon!

G'day fellow ALCo fetishists,

The life of a foamer is not an easy one, so many things competing for ones free time.
Ahhh free, haven't had much of that the last few weeks. Between Darling Harbour and Canberra, my man parts have really been tied up in somewhat of a knot when it comes to work. That is not that I am suggesting I work in the adult entertainment industry, something I feel I should point out for my more depraved readers.
Then if work isn't enough, there is the evils of drink and woman to remove to again separate one from the more intense pleasures that come with being a gunzel line side, notebook in one hand and tissue in the other, just ready to capture any errant dribble that sprays forth.
Alas it is now that I sit at the computer screen, trying to come up with some 44 class guff while eating some awesome Caldarita (Filipino food) and sipping on prime quality Bundy Rum with Coke.

Oh what to add this time!!!

What better place to start than in the decaying bowels of ones mold attracting photo albums from the 80s. After blowing the dust off, the following gems were found for your pleasure.

CHULLORA: Remember when it was a bustling hive of activity? One would shed a few jocks in anticipation of a visit to this most prized of all gunzel locations. Lordy me, one could be assured of filling some of the crevices in the 44 album while ferreting around this location. Below is a new cactused 4435 waiting to be violated by the oxy torch by some uncaring vermin. The shot was taken on my first camera, a Kodak Instimatic camera which used those weird 126 films.

The second instamatic camera was used here at the old Campsie footbridge. It shows light engines 4456 and 4454 heading back towards Delec.

Twas pissing down cats and dogs in Sydney this night. While everyone else was at home cuddled up with something (or someone) nice warm and fluffy, the intrepid gunzel would be proceeding forthwith to rail instillations to risk flu. Tonight it was Delec, the locomotive in question, 4456.

Frig me twig, how sad it is to go through all these albums and see so many classic locomotives that have all become Korean cars or flick knives for societies scum.
Again it was the last time I was to see a member of this awesome class. 4457 is sitting at Parkes loco during her final months prior to being raped of her dignity and cut up into to small little pieces. Not sure if she was scrapped here, or if she was moved elsewhere to suffer this destructive vandalism.

So all this bollocks may lead one to wonder which of this much beloved class has indeed survived.
Well it just so happens I am feeling generous, and more than a little bit tipsy after a party, so here be a listing for the very few who possibly don't know this already.
Shows ownership only, many are leased out or used on tours and won't necessarily be seen at the owners base.

4401 - 3801 Ltd
4403 - Junee Roundhouse
4420 - Dorrigo
4445 - Cab only in Werris Creek
4458 - Rothbury
4461 - Rothbury
4463 - Rothbury
4464 - Lachlan ALCo group
4465 - Werris Creek, John Currey
4468 - CFCLA
4471 - CFCLA
4472 - Rothbury
4477 - CFCLA
4473 - Lachlan ALCo Group
4483 - CFCLA
4486 - Lachlan ALCo Group
4488 - Rothbury
4490 - Rail Transport Museum, Thirlmere
4497 - Rothbury
4498 - Rothbury

Many other smaller parts of these locomotives have been saved from destruction. However having a life prevents me from starting to catalogue this sort of list for the next 20 years.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sydney Tour 24-05-2008

Again it is apology time. All good intentions, as always, start to come apart at the seems with a job like mine. Things change, one minute quiet, the next it goes mental.
Annnnnyway it all aids in getting out of Australia to more exotic locations.
Alas the 44 class series has been delayed, although a far quieter week should be in the offering next week and things will resume again.
Anyway, in the brief time I have this morning prior to a pleasurable Sunday afternoon of effort, I thought I would do a report on yesterdays tour around Sydney for my American mate Ted.
Thanks be to the world famous Colonel for driving us around, and to Jamie Fisher and Shane Foreman for information during the day.

1431 1440 1442 - up conts - 08.26

2204 3104 - down flats - 09.05 (from Cooks River, turned at Chullora and then past back through Belfield at 09.33 enroute to Nowra)

NR27 - up LE - 09.08 (locomotive for westbound Indian Pacific)

Delec 09.45
8150 8151 8161 8162

Chullora 10.00
T381 T387
KL80 KL82
8017 8030
48107 48112
80s4 (supposedly heading to Parkes on Monday)

NR29 NR96 NR39 - Up conts ex north - 11.01

8153 - spoil - 11.55
44204 B65 FL220 - sleepers - 11.55

8148 and 8159 on their respective spoil trains. 12.02

44209 PP 48111 - up contains to Port Botany 12.30

8231 GL109 GL105 G519 - up coal - 12.48

Port Botany
1432 - shunt DP World - 15.30
Also noted around yard: 44209, 48111, 1431, 4471(?), EL??, GL??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

44 Class Week-a-thon!


If there is one thing I love about these week-a-thons it is the need to travel down memory lane looking through all the oldest stuff in the collection.
Sadly 'Memory Lane' is deteriorating nowdays and many a pothole is forming, it was never a part of the governments Bicentenial road funding scheme.
With ones head all filled with things female I do ask to be excused for not including massive amounts of information. Those who wish to add stuff can feel free to do so, even via email. I would be happy to add it.
The next couple of entries will cover some of my earliest shots, we will then go on to cover the survivors, look at a selection of workings over the years and their sister types. If you have any interesting 44 class facts or stories you would like to include please email them to me at alcogoodwin @ yahoo. com .au (remove spaces)I remember this shot vividly. It was to be the first day I was introduced to the pervert side of the hobby. A railfan, who called himself BB (Bloody Bob) who went on a 2 month stalking mission to obtain some young railfan bott bott.
Unlike poor old 4419, seen here at Delec during the 80s, my back virginity remained intact.
Sadly, unlike old BB the railfan pervert, this was the last time I would see 4419.
The hobby can be a treacherous place for newcomers, especially those of the young male variety. Always stay aware.

Twas my first drive to Victoria in search of trains, previous trips being all train based.
We were due to stay in Albury overnight and despite running late decided to check out Culcairn station and the junctions for Holbrook and Corowa (such as they were.
These were the days of little railfan contact and certainly nothing called the internet. When travelling you had to rely on things called railway staff and/or bloody good luck.
At Culcairn it was the later. 10 minutes later and we would have been walking part of the Holbrook line.
As it was a horn was heard in the distance, resulting in the usual foamer scurrying to find a spot to try to capture a piccie or two. Time was short at the speed it was moving, so nothing spectacular was going to be achievable.
Slowly that bright light depleted in its intensity and revealed 4426 leading 4438 on a freighter heading north. Twas the last day of 1987 and was a more than fitting way to see it out.

Delec - twas a second home. The place was always railfan friendly and no weekend would pass without a good look around and a snapshot of anything that was of interest.
44 class were always of interest and this night shot of 4423 awaiting attention was way to hard to pass up.

This is certainly an oldie.
Back on the 19th of August 1986 I was still using a Kodak Instamatic 126 camera. While the results were always less than outstanding, its now a case of content being more important than overall quality.
I remember being more than a little bit wrapped to get a shot of 4421 before she was scrapped. It was the first shot I ever got and, as it turned out, the last.
Visits into Chullora were a VERY rare treat and probably the one thing I looked forward to more than anything else in the hobby. You just never knew what treats laid within this busy place.
Today so much of the area is a ghost town, such a sad outcome for a once so vitally busy location.

Monday, May 12, 2008

44 Class Week-a-thon!


Its been some while since the last time we did this. Work and party life has been getting in the way of all the best intentions. :-)

The 44 class, if any loco type is bound to cause pantal movement it is these (oh yeah, and those ugly Bulldog things). I had an obsession for these creatures, way back in the days before it become fashionable to froth over the ALCo 'World Series'.
It lead to a urgent desire to gather information on their sisters around the various parts of the globe. It was a fun search, but not an easy one being back in the days before most railfans used the internet for their train research and unusual sheep fetishes.

While is called a 'Week-A-Thon', it will likely run quite a bit longer and while I call it the '44 Class Week-A-Thon' I am already entertaining the prospect of looking at the World Series in general.
So why haven't I changed the name to reflect this?
"None of your business! I don't have to explain my every decision do I?????????" :-)

Anyway for those with a soft spot for the 'World Series', please sit back and enjoy. I invite everyone to use the comments sections to share their 44 class memories and experiences with readers.
For those into Bulldogs, there is an interesting article on knitting scarfs on KimsKnittingBlog.com.

OK we all have favourite locomotives. My two were 4460 and 4406, both of which have since been used as parts for your new Toyota Echo.
Her special claim to fame was as the last of the Mk1 version of the class.
She is seen here at Sydney Terminal on the 30th of December 1987. Shot was obviously taken back in the days before partying between Xmas and NYD.

This is believed to have been 4433s last run. Working a weekend Sydney-Gong-Moss Vale return passenger service (back when there was one) she is seen heading back through Bulli.
A couple of days later she was seen at Delec, enquiries were made and we were told she was withdrawn. She was later cut up at Cardiff. 01-04-1988

The late 80s and early 90s saw me semi-living down around Cootamundra. Much of ones life was spent there living in the now closed North Box and chasing trains on the lines radiating out from this important yard.
The major train of choice at this time was the Griffith Speedfreight on its afternoon run back to Sydney. It was a guarantee of great ALCo combinations, occasionally stained with some EMD involvement.
Today we drove all the way to Griffith to chase it back to Coota.
4458 4427 4474 are seen on arrival at Barrelan. Safeworking duties would be conducted before a cloud of yummy ozone depleting black ALCo smoke is emitted skywards marking the departure from the rural town and our hasty retreat back to the old VK Commodore.

DEDICATION: This Week-A-Thon is dedicated to my mates Jamie Fisher and Bernie Baker, whos dedication and love of all things ALCo has been an inspiration :-)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

44 Class Week-a-thon!


All next week will be the 44 CLASS WEEK-A-THON!

Nothing but good ol 'World Series' coverage for those with a love of these classic beasts!

Prepare yourselves!