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Thursday, May 29, 2008

44 Class Month-a-thon!

G'day fellow ALCo fetishists,

The life of a foamer is not an easy one, so many things competing for ones free time.
Ahhh free, haven't had much of that the last few weeks. Between Darling Harbour and Canberra, my man parts have really been tied up in somewhat of a knot when it comes to work. That is not that I am suggesting I work in the adult entertainment industry, something I feel I should point out for my more depraved readers.
Then if work isn't enough, there is the evils of drink and woman to remove to again separate one from the more intense pleasures that come with being a gunzel line side, notebook in one hand and tissue in the other, just ready to capture any errant dribble that sprays forth.
Alas it is now that I sit at the computer screen, trying to come up with some 44 class guff while eating some awesome Caldarita (Filipino food) and sipping on prime quality Bundy Rum with Coke.

Oh what to add this time!!!

What better place to start than in the decaying bowels of ones mold attracting photo albums from the 80s. After blowing the dust off, the following gems were found for your pleasure.

CHULLORA: Remember when it was a bustling hive of activity? One would shed a few jocks in anticipation of a visit to this most prized of all gunzel locations. Lordy me, one could be assured of filling some of the crevices in the 44 album while ferreting around this location. Below is a new cactused 4435 waiting to be violated by the oxy torch by some uncaring vermin. The shot was taken on my first camera, a Kodak Instimatic camera which used those weird 126 films.

The second instamatic camera was used here at the old Campsie footbridge. It shows light engines 4456 and 4454 heading back towards Delec.

Twas pissing down cats and dogs in Sydney this night. While everyone else was at home cuddled up with something (or someone) nice warm and fluffy, the intrepid gunzel would be proceeding forthwith to rail instillations to risk flu. Tonight it was Delec, the locomotive in question, 4456.

Frig me twig, how sad it is to go through all these albums and see so many classic locomotives that have all become Korean cars or flick knives for societies scum.
Again it was the last time I was to see a member of this awesome class. 4457 is sitting at Parkes loco during her final months prior to being raped of her dignity and cut up into to small little pieces. Not sure if she was scrapped here, or if she was moved elsewhere to suffer this destructive vandalism.

So all this bollocks may lead one to wonder which of this much beloved class has indeed survived.
Well it just so happens I am feeling generous, and more than a little bit tipsy after a party, so here be a listing for the very few who possibly don't know this already.
Shows ownership only, many are leased out or used on tours and won't necessarily be seen at the owners base.

4401 - 3801 Ltd
4403 - Junee Roundhouse
4420 - Dorrigo
4445 - Cab only in Werris Creek
4458 - Rothbury
4461 - Rothbury
4463 - Rothbury
4464 - Lachlan ALCo group
4465 - Werris Creek, John Currey
4468 - CFCLA
4471 - CFCLA
4472 - Rothbury
4477 - CFCLA
4473 - Lachlan ALCo Group
4483 - CFCLA
4486 - Lachlan ALCo Group
4488 - Rothbury
4490 - Rail Transport Museum, Thirlmere
4497 - Rothbury
4498 - Rothbury

Many other smaller parts of these locomotives have been saved from destruction. However having a life prevents me from starting to catalogue this sort of list for the next 20 years.

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