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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sydney Tour 24-05-2008

Again it is apology time. All good intentions, as always, start to come apart at the seems with a job like mine. Things change, one minute quiet, the next it goes mental.
Annnnnyway it all aids in getting out of Australia to more exotic locations.
Alas the 44 class series has been delayed, although a far quieter week should be in the offering next week and things will resume again.
Anyway, in the brief time I have this morning prior to a pleasurable Sunday afternoon of effort, I thought I would do a report on yesterdays tour around Sydney for my American mate Ted.
Thanks be to the world famous Colonel for driving us around, and to Jamie Fisher and Shane Foreman for information during the day.

1431 1440 1442 - up conts - 08.26

2204 3104 - down flats - 09.05 (from Cooks River, turned at Chullora and then past back through Belfield at 09.33 enroute to Nowra)

NR27 - up LE - 09.08 (locomotive for westbound Indian Pacific)

Delec 09.45
8150 8151 8161 8162

Chullora 10.00
T381 T387
KL80 KL82
8017 8030
48107 48112
80s4 (supposedly heading to Parkes on Monday)

NR29 NR96 NR39 - Up conts ex north - 11.01

8153 - spoil - 11.55
44204 B65 FL220 - sleepers - 11.55

8148 and 8159 on their respective spoil trains. 12.02

44209 PP 48111 - up contains to Port Botany 12.30

8231 GL109 GL105 G519 - up coal - 12.48

Port Botany
1432 - shunt DP World - 15.30
Also noted around yard: 44209, 48111, 1431, 4471(?), EL??, GL??


Trent said...

Excellent photos of that B Class there Brad, thanks heaps for sharing them :D


alcogoodwin said...

Thanks Trent, much appreciated mate.
Been endlessly busy of late. Canberra for work during the week, then Cessnock yesterday to 'finally' cover the colour invasion.
Today have to continue the 44 Class Week-A-Thon and yesterdays report (including Colonel's latest adventures) on here.

Thanks again, comments are always much appreciated.


IHB slave said...

At 1248 - go southern coal!!!!!

We are gonna have to meet up again soon mate.