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Saturday, September 19, 2009


For Now At Least!

Well even the most cardigan obsessed gunzel would be well aware of the recent closure of the Demondrille-Cowra, Koorawatha-Greenthorpe and Weemelah grain lines.

The excuse give is that level crossings have become unsafe after all these years. Suddenly thos bastard trains can't be trusted not to hit those, always, most careful motorists who always drive cautiously around the countryside.

Its obviously now the trains fault that the typical human retard is unable to take time to stop, look and make sure, so the only thing to do, short of spending huge amounts of money, it to remove the problem altogether.

The multitude of replacement trucks will surely be far safer, screaming through towns, jetting down back lanes, spewing tonnes of fumes skyward and ploughing through family sedans like a tractor through a field.

Still whats the death of a few fathers, the occasional child, holiday groups or even farmers out on the road, at least those evil bastard trains will not be running.

"But the Cowra line has run for over 100 years" I hear you say!

Yes, but for most of that time our mentally decaying species was actually able to think for themselves, we were actually able to make our own decisions and take responsibility for our stupidity.

Back then, the railways provided a service to the public, they were important, money was spent where needed. Now such costs horrify people like Mr Bloody Rees, who incidently will not be living on the streets these trucks will plow down, indeed he probably needed to consult a map to find where exactly Cowra was, and he is obviously left with no decision but to stick up up our rural communites and remove their services altogether.

Its almost as if the money for this comes from the bastards personal wages, other than the friggin taxes that these people have paid for ohhhhhh so many years.

I think I speak for members of these communities, the families of those who will be mowed down in the future, members of the railway museum at Cowra, railway workers in the area and many others, when I say


Now lets take a small stroll down memory lane (which is now probably jammed with flamin B-Doubles) and look at some personal Cowra memories.

3026 departs Cowra on a steam special to Canowindra in 1994.

4486 prepares for its trial from Cowra to Woodstock and return.
Very young Rob Parnell, Stuart Ellis, David Porter, Glen Ryan and others
are in attendance.

Returning into Cowra.

CPH24 at Noonbinna.

And here the sexy little beast is seen on its way to Noonbinna in the first place.

Here is another we prepared earlier, approaching Cowra from Holmwood.

Here we see 3026 again on the same trip to Canowindra with a family enjopying the sight of it passing through Billimari.
The line from Cowra to Canowindra closed some years later, while local families will now have to travel much further on truck laden roads for to experience this sight ever again.

After so much misery - lets check out a random lovely who now lives with us.
If Honey knew where Cowra was, or was even ionterested in trains, I am sure she would also be pissed off with the Rees government.
Certainly looks like the Colonel is having some naughty groping thoughts!

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