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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4453 was very, very close to the end of its career when it ran this train to Bombo with 42211.

Not long after it was seen in Chullora workshops, stripped of parts and never came out again.

4403 and and unidentified 80 class approach Moss Vale station with a limestone rake from the Berrima branch. 4403 wears a blue version of the short liver heritage scheme earlier seen on 4446.
4448 42220 are in very unfamiliar territory as they approach the Wongawilli terminus of BHP's private Illawarra coal line.
4482 shunting the long closed Manning River milk branchline at Taree.
Freight from Brisbane near Taree.
The deceptively rural scene here is actually at East Botany in Sydney. The train had just departed the port and was bound for Griffith.

4427, the train and that Kelloggs loading have all ceased to exist.
4493 4514 4482 in Taree on a Brisbane to Sydney freighter. Crews would change and soon another the typical erupting ALCo smoke and noise would see it roar our of town.

Taree was always blessed with a 44 class shunter for the yard, and the short runs to the Manning River branch (above) and the sleeper siding to the south end of town.

While theoretically this shot could be repeated, the possibility of walking into the port with 4486 is virtually non-existent. In the pre-paranoia days around Botany, these sorts of shots were taken for granted.
4473 at Cowra awaiting restoration. The work has since been completed and she now operates out of Sydney.

The noise was pure magic. 44100 and 4474 gain speed at the roar north out of Cootamundra, having stopped at the Coota West signalbox for safeworking duties.

44100 yet again, this time further north at Broadmeadow loco depot with 4480.

Only 4480 and 4483 ever wore this blue Freightrail livery.


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