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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Howdee all, While I realise that the massive helping of 44 class photos this month has quite possibly already lead to a personal accident of epic (one of those modern day wank words) proportions, I am going to push the enveliope even further with an extra large helping of old 44 class shots from within the archive.

The quality of some may be as questionable as the mental health of many a young modern day railfan, however this will be due to eith bodgy old cameras that I could aford, or the fact I have been to lazy to use a proper scanner. Please enjoy none the less.

SIGH!!!!! Sydney Terminal was once such a great place to visit.

While I acknowledge that there is a place for people who get their jollies over Tangaras, Oscars and, god forbid, Millenium sets, the old days of loco hauled Nowra and Goulburn line trains was really where it was at.

4428 is seen here soon after arrival from Goulburn.

Can't for the life of me remember where this is, but think it be Broadmeadow, Seems 4426 has had a bit of cheap repair work done.

Once a regular in my viewfinder, the long extinct 4427 is seen here chugging her life away at Central.

4424 at Cootumundra in the days prior to this location becoming somewhat of a second home.

We were on our way home from Melbourne when we stopped for a few photos of Culcairn station. Twas with much surprise that a headlight lead to 4423 and 4465 screaming by on their northbound train.

The days were numbered for 4421 as she sat at Chullora. She was never to see the open road again.

4424 again, this time in Sydney Terminal.

4422 sits at Sims Metal on a siding that had previously seen many of her sisters, and even more of the steamers which her and the sisters replaced.

This was the end of the road for many a 44. Twas also a good place for souveniers.

4423 at Hope Street.

This was not a good road at Delec. Locomotives sitting here were not usually long for this world.

Twas no different for 4419 who went to god not much later.

4409, seen here at Hope Street (Enfield) had one last journey to make, that being the short one to Sims Metal at Mascot.

I had two favourite 44 class, these being 4406 and 4460. Both have now gone to god, and the above photo was the only time I ever saw them together. The location being the ever popular Delec turntable.

4405 leads a freight past CPH 1 and 7 at Broadmeadow. The CPH railmotors were running the last even passenger trips (railfan, not regular) to operate the former Belmont line. These only able to go to Jewels platform.

4405 at Delec depot.

4403, now preserved in Canberra (again in the original indian red due to a lack of imagination), is seen here arriving at Sydney Terminal from Goulburn.

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