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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Victoria: Trains, Trams and the Odd Taco! Pt5

At the risk of being classed as a pervert by more heavy rail orientated gunzels, I am going to return to trams yet again.
Actually it is an interesting subject in itself. Why do many railfans, many of them who themselves are only borderline able to be able to string two words together, often look at you as if you should be pitied for being interested in trams?
Some railfans will even lower the tone of their voice when mentioning their interest, for fear of being branded a weirdo, or an outcast, by those who are often weirdos or outcasts. I wonder if this would indeed render you part of normal society then?
Anyway, thats for some psychiatrist to write a book about, for now we shall get on with the business of Melbourne in 1987.

During this trip I made quite the effort to get the older W class trams. It was known that their time was limited, something that inspires everyone to go grab piccies before it is to late.
Collins Street, just behind our hotel of choice in those days, was a prime hunting ground for some early W type prey. The whole street was riddled with them, trying to look unnoticeable amongst all the private vehicle traffic.
So it was that, after a great breakfast, we found our bums firmly planted at a tram stop.
No sooner were cameras, an old Canon T70 from memory, out of the bag than 431 was found rattling her merry way towards us.
Intense dribbly excitement saw us hop on board for a short run.

A few days later, on a very quiet and boring Sunday (8-3-87) around Melbourne city, I took to the streets in search of some tram shots.
It had been a less than fruitful day, the only movement of real note being that curry chicken sandwich that I thought smelt suspect, when a last minute decision to walk down Lonsdale Street greeted me with a 427 surprise.
From memory Lonsdale Street was not used regularly on Sundays back then, perhaps even now, so this was considered quite a score.

OK enough of this self satisfying tram guff, lets finish with a train shot.
They had a face that only a mother could love, but the fact there was not many of them, made for quite a bit of interest in the railfan community down Vic way.
A refurbished Harris set (they looked better originally) is seen standing at Port Melbourne station. Not sure if the station is still there, perhaps a local can enlighten us, but this line is now served by good ol, well quite modern really, trams.


Mike said...

Hi Brad.
Re Port Melbourne and the station. Yes its still there and I took a photo of it last week! Here's a link to the modern edifice!

Mike said...

Hi Brad.
Re: Port Melbourne Station. Yes it still exists, and I even took a photo of it last week. Here's a link:

alcogoodwin said...

Streeeewth what a change. Suppose the area on the other side of the line is also vastly changed.
Is the station used as a cafe or something?