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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

EMD on the SMR!

Regular readers of this blog would be well aware of my interest, hmmm perhaps fetish, for the 'South Maitland Railway'. Its history and current day operation continuing to be a great source of interest.
So it was with immense arousal, well, perhaps thats a little strong a word, that this week I discover that 'South Spur' are supposed to start hauling containerised coal out of Pelton utilizing two T class.
Initially one treated it as a rumour, not unlike all the ones that seem to surround this line, but further reports have been forthcoming from many areas and it now seems that one of the rumours is about to come true.
Being in containers would no doubt mean they can now bypass the coal unloader problems in Newcastle, with the containers loaded just like any others would be. It would also beg the question as to whether or not more Hunter miners may take this direction.
From a purely 'dribbly foamer' point of view, this is exciting due to the fact something other than blue 48/PL class will be seen after many years, not to mention that these are almost certainly the only EMDs ever to traverse the SMR, beyond East Greta Junction anyway, since the day it was built.

Neath Railfan Night anyone?????


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