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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Piccies!

It is time for a selection of random photos with no real theme at all.
In a couple of weeks time we will be moving north to take an extended look over the now closed Moreton Mill system at Nambour, locomotives, safeworking, structures.

For now I am going to be quite the bludger and just place up a few random selections.
All the following train shots were taken during the forst two months of this year.

5002 5009 have just passed under the new flyover at Sandgate and are turning towards Kooragang Island where their load of coal will be dumped.The coal system in Newcastle has been struggling to cope with the increased loads nowdays, with one mine, Austar, appearing to have found a solution in containerising the black diamond.

A face that will soon change. Cs5 still retains her lovely Silverton blue/yellow livery, but for how long. Gradually the class are going through major overhauls and reappearing in a new livery, still yellow and blue, for 'South Spur Rail'.
While the parent company, Coote, has purchased most of the earlier sold Silverton fleet from ALLCO, the C class were not included and are leased from the ALLCO/CFCLA joint venture.
Cs5 is seen here at Port Botany in January.

Undergoing somewhat of a revival of late, the 80 class have been returning to service, some even recieving major overhauls and repaints.
8042 is seen passing through Belfield in January with two recently refurbished fuel tankers, presumably from a siding at Meeks Road.

Ahhhhhhhhh Philippine beauty. Far more easier on the eye, and the lens, than trains.
These two sweeties were at the '2007 Philippine Fiesta' at Rosehill Racecourse and pretty much sum up why my photographic interests are more aimed in that direction nowdays.

See you at the 2008 Fiesta.


StuartL said...

For one mad moment there I thought you meant that you were actually moving to Queensland :)

Ownership of those C class might change again soon. Allco is reportedly divesting itself of everything but it's core business and, while railways are part of that core business, perhaps not all railways are included.


alcogoodwin said...

No such luck, for now I remain here in Sydney sadly.
When the time comes to move north, it will be a little further north in the beautiful Philippines. Got some land, just need to build the house.
However living there will likely only be for 50% of the time, unless enough businesses are started to make it a little more full time.

Actually I think the change has already been made. They were previously 100% ALLCO, but in my post I have listed the now used ALLCO/CFCLA joint venture.
I am lead to believe they are now actually controlled by CFCLA, as opposed to ALLCO who recently sold off all their other locos to Coote, the parent company of South Spur.
More details appear on the Aussie-Donks blog site.