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After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mate, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again. Having learned to laugh, with others, at all the more 'Moronic Foamers'.
.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
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Friday, April 10, 2009



** NOTE: As always, high-res copies of all photos are available for any
magazine who may wish to use such **


" We are going to spend the holidays with my family"

My god, it's the statement from one's wife that causes deep sighing amongst men universally. Oh god, sitting around talking crap, not being able to sprawl semi-naked across the lounge to watch television and trying to rein in the SMUTTY comments and regular bad language that invests our vocabularies now days.
But one second, her family is in Newcastle, location of NSWs busiest section of railway line (freight wise anyway), the new 92 class, many railfan friends and only a short skip away to the beloved Neath Hotel (the states premier gunzel hangout).

Hmmmmmm yes, but how am I to turn "your not going out for trains" into "oh OK, you can have a day out".
Again I refer to the universal man behaviour code book and start mopping around very bored and depressed :-)
Wala - instant day out. Plus a night at the Neath Hotel to boot.

Last weekends brief flirt with trains in the region did not go according to plan. As can be seen from my earlier panty raising post I spent most of my available time along the SMR again, instead of the planned coal road assault on things 92 and G class.
While new loco designs hold all the interest of a stinky decayed sausage found underneath the BBQ from two birthdays ago, I thought it may be beneficial to get them before they are repainted Pacific National coal and exhaust black.

It was a fast Spadge that woke up on Good Friday and made for the front door, foregoing the usual trip to the 'Little Bus Drivers Room' for fear of waking anyone up and being allocated duties to do before I leave!


Where to go to first, out on the mainline in search of the elusive 92 and G class, or around the yards.
Decided on doing the usual rounds around Gonads (bound to see a 92 class with their reputation for reliability being up there with the Datto 120Y), Carrington and Morandoo.

Goninan 08.45
5010, AC4301 (Undercoat), 9208 (test area)
4833 was out the front entrance to Goninan.

08.59 - 8242 8207 - Up Coal - Georgetown

With no other action appearing to be on the cars save for a Hunter set one decided to head to Carrington and Morandoo forthwith.
Two seconds further down Clyde Street and one is confronted by the sight of a bus that would certainly sizzle the sausage of the most hardened of bunzel.
Bus was in the Clyde Street Spare Parts place - looked more of a garbage dump.

Rapid rise in blood temperature as one approaches this sexy set of locomotives.
PL5 48137 PL2 48134 stabled on a Pelton rake!

Morandoo Yard 09.16
8011, 8033, 8013, BL27, 8106, 4836, 603
8120 OneSteel shunt
PL5 48137 PL2 48134 on stabled coalie as above.
One pain in the arse Chubb Security automaton.
BHP32 preserved and doing buggar all.

Slightly more pleasant than the security guard was this LARGE local walked into while photographing 4836.

A last minute decision to drive under Industrial Highway and up to the, rather saucily named, Hump, resulted in a desperate last minute snatch and grab of my first 92 on an actual train.
Spadge moved with a level of excitement unmatched since 8219 was found in a rather undignified position at Beresfield (My condolences to CM over that tragic event - which I am told he has never quite recovered from).

09.37 - 9209 9202 9023 - Coal arriving at Port Waratah.

Enough security guard bollocks for one day, it was time to set forth west in an effort to meet up with my ol mate Johnno Hourigan at Victoria Street at 13.00.
A headlight seen while passing over the line at Tarro had me heading into the suburb proper for a short session of watering the weeds with quality foam.


2703 2753 - up pass - 10.07
9001 9013 9029 - dn mt coal -10.14

2754 2704 - dn pass - 10.22

Then it was time to set the tone for a day full of bloody awesome coal line combinations and interesting movements.
For the first time ever (for me anyway and I am told it is significantly rare), my colon was set a tremble to the passing of quad 90 class on an up coal.

9035 9011 9016 9021 - up coal - 10.41

8252 8237 - up coal - 11.04
2704 2754 - up pass - 11.09 (Taken through the flowers)

8251 G538 9204 9210 - down empty coal - 11.11

In classic gunzel style it was all things packed and a mad sprint down to the car to give chase to, off all bloody things, an 82 class on the front of a coal train.
I can't remember the last time I chased a mainline coalie, but it would be way back when the 81s were having CCO and the 442 and 45 class were showing up on the coal roads again. Ahhhhhhhh memories!

the train stopped at Maitland and I was able to do the rather roundabout trip to get up to Elizabeth Street at Telarah for another shot.

UNLUCKILY a flamin train with 9205 9211 9022 passed under the same bridge at the exact same flamin time.
The botty end of the train is seen passing a worksite.

A phone call from Brad 'Cooties' Coulter (or is it Coultar) saw me heading back east to the king of all hack spots, Pitnacree Bridge at East Maitland.
By now the day was really hotting up and the small amount of shadow in this spot was very welcome.

Actually I may use this time to express my sadness at the report that the gunzel bridge at Maitland is to be replaced as part of the project to rebuild the recently demolished section over the New England Highway.
This footbridge has become quite the railfan icon during the last two decades where one, while bored waiting for a train, could read all the in depth news on the sex lives, or lack of such, of many a prominent railfan.
Also shared are views on various railway publications, strange religious ideals and who sticks what strange object in orifices best not having things inserted in the first place.
It does seem however that the Pitnacree Bridge is beginning to become the replacement for the famous bridge.
If anyone has photos of said jottings I would be interested in hearing from them.


8213 8220 8248 - up coal - 12.05
9215 G526 8232 9015 - dn mt coal - 12.10
Huge thanks to John Hourigan for later getting me the G class number.
Grrrrr put bloody side numbers on it PN!!!!!

Foamers - head to this shop - they may be able to help you on lonely gunzel
nights while railfanning around Bombay.

5002 5011 - up coal - 12.21

Cooties turns up in his 'Love Bus'!

9024 8217 8254 8241 - dn mt coal - 12.34
2502 etc 2523 - dn Exploder - 12.40

Time was running out for our plan to meet with Johnno at Victoria Street around 13.00,so offeast again, via the servo and on to the personal location of one of railfandoms most known members.

Many more interesting sightings were had during the afternoon here and these will be covered in PART 2!
Have a spare couple of tissues ready.

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