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Sunday, March 23, 2008


With what little time I have on the internet today I thought I would throw up another of those 'Where Is It' type questions with some photos from the archives.

OK: The first person to give a correct answer in the comments section below gets a years free subscription to this blogsite :-) Well, you will get the admiration of all those who couldn't answer it anyway :-)



Woonona Beach - Sandgate* - Malabar Rifle Range - Botany - Bellambi Beach

* = Closest guess thus far.


Nobbys (Near Newcastle Station)! First person to guess was Dick Holland on LocoShed Yahoogroup.


StuartL said...

Sandgate? (just kidding :) )

Perhaps Botany somewhere?


alcogoodwin said...

It be neither. However the Sandgate one was closer.


StuartL said...

Ok so it's close to Sandgate ... but it can't be that close because the only sidings around there would have been the old cemetery line and I drove past Sandgate cemetery on Saturday and there was no sand in sight.

So perhaps somewhere around Newcastle ... is that the sea I see ... hmmm what disused railway lines ended up near the sea ...?

Hmmmm ... down on the Redhead line? The terminus perhaps? The name escapes me at the moment and I'm too lazy to walk down to the other end of the house and dig in my railway library to find the name.

I never did get to explore that line so I don't know about seeing the sea from there ...

Is there anywhere else on the north coast where rail lines get that close to the sand and the sea?

alcogoodwin said...

When I walked Belmont to Redhead in the 90s there were sections like this just south of the junction into John Darling Colliery.
Actually, like here, the rails were lost under sand in a number of places.
The answer has now been given on the website, after some delay due to injuries and work commitments.

Best wishes