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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bli Bli Pies & Randy Ducks - It Can Only Be Moreton!


Our next look at the Moreton system will be the safeworking utilized for the road/rail "David Low Bridge" in Bli Bli!

** LATER **

# Detail shots of the Maroochy River lift bridge and a shot of her shorter counterpart demolished in the 90s.

# Look at more Moreton Mill locomotives, as well as cane bins and maintenance vehicles.

# Howard Street - If Queensland sugar railways had a hackspot, then this would be it.


Huggies said...

Which was your favorite line on the System ?

alcogoodwin said...

This is not an easy question to answer, although I would have to say the Petrie Creek line and, although I never saw it operate, the Diddidliba (spelling?) line would have been pretty awesome.
Of course there was some good spots along the whole mainline from the mill to Coolum, and the Dunethin and Punt lines deserve a special mention to.
Hmmmm Fishers line had one or two nice spots as well come to think of it, as did the Valdora line....
Nah, the Petrie Creek line was the original fave. Got a metre worth of track in sleepers here as a souvenier from this line.


Huggies said...

Yeah I never sighted trains on Diddillibah Hill myself either but would have been good to see.

Nevers sighted them on the Lcark's line either :( .

I liked the Punt line myself with the shared bridge set up. I remember Bli Bli over on the South Punt on the Moreton Mill bash weekend. Struggling with the load and pissing off people waiting at the Level Crossing. Magic stuff! :)