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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bli Bli Pies & Randy Ducks - It Can Only Be Moreton! Part 1.


It is as I start to do this series on the Moreton Mill railways that I realise that this year will mark the fifth year since closure of what was my favourite railway operation.
Over the years of being a dribbly foamer I have seen many lines disappear, some that held much significance, however it was the closure of this system that has affected me most.
A little more about my early days arond the system can be found HERE in an earlier posting.
With the exception of last year I still ventured up there on a yearly basis to cover what was left and, while I know that may sound quite sad, it did allow me to concentrate more on infrastructure than had been the case when the railway was operating. Thankfully it also allowed me the historic opportunity of photographing a locomotive touching soil on the east side of the David Low Bridge (Punt line) for the very last time.
During these later visits I tried to photograph (and even measure) as much railway related buildings, bridges and safeworking equipment as I could find. Much of the results of this will appear here in future posts
Incredibly, only three years after closure I was already having trouble locating some old sections that I once spent much time along, this was particularly the case along the 'Horse Line' which branched off from River Depot. Sadly the passage of time will render even more areas like this, with many a gunzel researcher in the future having to spend much time identifying where BLI BLI and her friends once trod.
So over the next few weeks I hope you will enjoy a look at many different aspects of what was once a great railway system.
In the meantime you may be interested in checking out these two websites covering other long gone railways in the area.


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