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Monday, March 3, 2008

Can You Identify?

Can anyone identify where these tickets are from?
Found them in the boxes to be cataloged and have absolutely not idea where I came across them.



StuartL said...


M - Melbourne ?

T - Tramway ?

Those section numbers on the side seem to indicate that they're to be clipped by the officer making the sale - maybe a Clippy on a tram?

Are they thin paper or are they thicker board?

Is there anything on the back of them?


alcogoodwin said...

Hi Stuart,
They be paper thin and, from bad memory, they had nothing on the rear.
Melbourne and Tramway did come to mind, but I don't think they have ever been refered to as the MTA.
Any idea what an Adelaide tram ticket looks like, or looked like?


Anonymous said...

From Melbourne trams MTA Metropolitan Transit Authority during the 1980s.Cheers Paul

alcogoodwin said...

Paul, many thanks for the answer.
Had them in a old album that I was cataloging and had no idea where I got the front. Must have been during my earliest visits to Melbourne.
Thanks again