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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yes I realise it is May now, but I have still many more 44 class shots that I have scanned. Thankfully I stopped scanning them a week ago, otherwise the amount here could keep us going for the rest of the year.

Still, contrary to popular opinion, you can't have to much of a good thing.

Oh the wonderful pre-Endeavour days on the south.

4486 pauses briefly at Menangle before roaring off in another cloud of thick black smoke.

A still clean 4486 at Delec.

4499 and 4485 are none to concerned about Mindaribba loop as they hurry their way north towards Brisbane.

4484 on a ballast train somewhere around Sydney.

Anyone able to identify the location?

4484 4511 climb south out of Taree.

4482 shunts 8502 at Lansdown Engineering (Goninan) near Taree.

4483 and 4447 amongst a sea of red at Delec.

4482 stabled at Moss Vale between runs to the city.

She certainly gets around, now she is shunting the Manning River branch in Taree.

4481 on a down Goulburn passenger at Strathfield.

4481 leads a train north out of Taree.

4480 shunting Taree yard.

4480 in Delec.

Changing of guard as 4482 arrives in Taree to replace 4480 on local shunting duties.

4480 has just been painted into the blue livery and awaits release from Chullora.

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