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Friday, May 20, 2011



Getting out of the rat race that is Sydney for a day in the bush is an all to infrequent pleasure nowdays. If I am not looking after the shop, then chances are babysitting and doing the regular dirty nappy pitstop.

The trip down to Canberra for the annual model railway exhibition was an on again, off again, plan up until a few days before we departed. Even how we would go about getting there was not really decided on the day we were departing, although we did know it would be by car and that at least one shop of the RTM Bundanoon tour was to be undertaken.

Departure from Moorebank was a rather late 9am one, about 15 minutes after hearing 3642 pass through Holsworthy station on her southbound trip.

This should actually be the last shot, but I forgot to add it to the site first and, quite frankly, am to bloody lazy to get it to the bottom of the rest.

This was the trip home, we had got some 30 minutes out of Canberra before I suggested to MrX that he was on the wrong road, the Yas 16km sign helping to prove the point.

Much to my enjoyment, the final hour of daylight was spent on back roads, headed in the direction of Bungendore and in search of the long lost Feral Highway back to Goulburn.

Mittagong signalbox.

Remember signalboxes? Where once real people actually worked, where trains would be controlled and one could approach for train running information at all hours of the night.

3642 on tour to Bundanoon is seen passing through Mittagong.

NR21 AN1 NR13 on the up at Exeter.

4520 and 44211 hauling the empty Bundanoon set back to Moss Vale.


Alas it was time to get the ol rears in gear and head on down to Canberra, via the Big Merino for a customary bacon and egg roll, to have enough time to actually take a look around the exhibition.

Yummy ALCos.

Falling asleep at the controls :-)

The above layout was perfectly situated alongside some stairs for some terrific elevated shots.

Interesting layout, but the teapot and cups seemed a tad out of scale.

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