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Thursday, January 3, 2008

48 Class 2008 - Pt1

Whats this amazing class of ALCo branchliners up to as we enter 2008?
4801-4840 Compiled: January 4th 2008 Brad Peadon

4801 Stored for preservation, Redfern.
4802 Scrapped
4803 Operational, Rail Transport Museum
4804 Scrapped
4805 Stored for preservation, Redfern.
4806 PN, stored at Delec.
4807 Operations, ARHS ACT (from Junee Roundhouse)
4808 Scrapped
4809 ALLCO, Stored and decrepit at Chullora
4810 Scrapped
4811 ALLCO 48s36 (stored Parkes?)
4812 Recently sold as CAR1 to Junee Railway Wksp from Graincorp.
4813 Operational, Genessee & Wyoming Austraia as 906.
Operational, Junee Railway Workshops
4815 ALLCO 48s34
4816 Operational, Junee Railway Workshops
4818 Stored, Pacific National, Werris Creek.
4819 Operational, Railcorp
4820 Junee Railway Workshop, half rebuilt.
4821 Operational, Goulburn Roundhouse
4822 Preserved, Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum.
4823 Scrapped
4824 Scrapped
4825 ALLCO 48s32
4826 Scrapped
4827 Operational, Railcorp
4828 ALLCO, stored Broken Hill
4829 ALLCO 48s33
4830 Scrapped
4831 Scrapped
4832 CFCLA, stored Islington (SA)
4833 Operational, Privately owned, Goodwin ALCo Pty Ltd
4834 CFCLA, stored Islington (SA)
4835 Scrapped
4836 Operational, Junee Railway Workshop
4837 ALLCO, stored Broken Hill
4838 ALLCO 48s37
4839 Scrapped
4840 Scrapped

4806 4825 sit at Cootamundra on the 3rd of January, 1988.
4806 'BRUCE' at Delec.
4807 leaves Botany for the former AMPOL branch. In the foreground is the old Chinese market gardens which have long since been replaced with three extra tracks.
4836 4811 arrive at Cooks River on the 25th of January 1992. 4836 is seen in a special livery to mark the 125th anniversary of NSW railways.

Sources: LocoPage, The_NSWGR_48_class_fans Yahoogroup and personal records. Brad Coulter

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