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Monday, December 17, 2007

PN's Plans! (A View From Tassie)

Forwarded from the LocoShed forum with permission.

Many thanks for this interesting post.


Tasmania's problem is a history of exceedingly poor management andincompetent operators. No customer service, no marketing, no trafficcultivation or growth (bar a short golden age under the Ed Burkhardt managed ATN) coupled with the usual structural and political biases to road.

Despite politics and public support finally swinging back in favour of rail again with new traffics on the horizon and a State Govt. finally prepared to takesome responsibility, which should make any normal rail operator cheer and say with relief, "About time" - what do PN do? Give up saying it's all too hard (it's not - they just can't be bothered to make an effort).

The Tasmania traffic base would be close to comparable with South Australia's non seasonal domestic (non interstate) base. G&W seem to make S.A. work? I don't hear them saying, "Oh the drought's stuffed it. We are shutting down all of the domestic S.A. network bar the Whyalla iron ore traffic" - yet they have less local capital compared to PN?

The situation in Tasmania is similar to the Eastern provinces of Canada, where CP pulled out altogether and CN only do long haul (interprovincial).

The big entities don't work. A smaller localised "Regional" (in American parlance) operator is needed.

Cheers,Steve Z

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