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Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
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.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Early Froth Part 2

This photograph marks the time my parents first came to the horrible realisation that the son was becoming a dribbly foamer. Imagine how hard this would be for any parent to have to accept, their previously quite normal son suddenly looking at trains and rambling irrlevant train info to all.

It sort of makes those parents upset about their kids turning gay or mass murdering seem a tad ridiculous.

This shot of 4427 at Albion Park was reward for a long 30 minute walk from some cattle saleyards at Albion Park where they were with a relo selling, well, not surprisingly, cattle.

At the time I was pretty new to this dribbly stuff and the 44 class were still a few years away from creating any sort of panty located stirrings, however being there in time to see this train arrive from Nowra was a very exciting moment.

Today the line has been electrified and Albion Park now sees an endless procession of double deck intercity electrics and modern type DMUs serving all its needs. 4427 was to later wear the red terror (red with white lining) livery and then in the 90s was scrapped.

Buggar if I know what become of the passenger rollingstock behind, but it is likely preserved somewhere.


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