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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cadney Park (South Australia) Train Orders!


I have said in earlier blog entries that you can find souveniers in the strangest of places.

In what must be the most amazing examples are the extracts here are from a 1984 train order book originally in Cadney Park (South Australia). Cadney Park is on the current line to Darwin, although Alice Springs was the termination point in these days.

Given the location, you could imagine the surprise of finding it on the long removed Murraymore Siding in Mascot (New South Wales).

It is a full book and more extracts can be put up if the interest is there.



Stuart said...

G'day Brad

Please show us more of the train order book. I may be a little twisted and warped but things like that book fascinate me.


alcogoodwin said...

Hi Stuart,
I don't think your alone mate. Certainly they interest me as well, as does all records to do with diesels years ago.
I shall get some more up shortly.


Toad said...

Yeah keep 'em going.
The good old days, they now use an A4 sheet of paper, use radios rather than track side phones and no where near as interesting.

Mind you, in 30 years, some young Gunzel will want to know about the A4 train orders!!