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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Unless you never see the news, you would be very much aware of the major floods Fiji has been experiencing.
Sadly, as part of this disaster, the sugar mills and railway systems have been copping a severe beating ands it is yet to be determined how much they will recover from it all. Money has already been offered for repairs, but whether or not this will return the railways to their previous extent remains to be seen.

One of the biggest bits of damage was the huge Sigatoka railway (and old road) bridge. Half of it was swept away, while the balance is threatening to follow it at the moment. This lovely old bridge made for some great photos and it will be sadly missed.

We are currently seeking an update on a similar bridge across the Ba River in, well, Ba.

The following photos of the Sigatoka bridge are off Flickr.
All taken by Alicia of Savvy Studios.

Hmmm perhaps something more than tape should have been used
to stop people accessing the ailing bridge.

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