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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~~ NORTH STRATHFIELD - 24-0-2012 ~~

A One Day Adventure With The Trumpet

Howdee, as always, it has been a long time between osts as I find my work life interfering with the more important duties of being a railfan.
I do understand how important my rambling on is to the fabric of the very hobby, I know that you must sit there, day in and day out, checking each hour in the futile hope that maybe, just maybe, I have again shared a bit of my extremely limited knowledge.
But sometimes I am unable to do so and, I must say, it causes me deep pain to know that, not only have I let you down, but also that you must have a very boring life to do as such.

Which in no way really leads us to the topic of North Strathfield, situated in the less than amazing northern area above Strathfield.
With the rude female station assistant of yesteryear now seemingly a distant memory, North Strathfield again seems to be a popular location for the average dribbler, indeed one recent ex-pat New South Welshmen, now living in Victoria, recently described it as Sydney's Middle/West Footscray.
It does seem to be without our own local version of Mr Edwards though.

The station obviously.

The first two hours was pretty dull wth more railfans than freighters pssing through.

A spark :-(

A Local :-)

Trumpet watchs a spark leave while pondering the wisdom of coming to Sydney when coalies ain't running.

An XPT approaches.

And approaches even more!

Heck - they are still whinging!

NR24, 40 and 83 finally, FINALLY, roll past.

Heck women complain a lot.

Works a tad better on less windy days.

Eventually said 'Marry Me Jen', but the Marry was gone long before Jen was finished.

NR56 holds some memories for me. I remember attending her naming ceremony at Port Botany on the day my eldest son was born. Just enough time to talk to Vincey, grab some snacks and beverages, before racing to the hospital.

Probably the closest thing to a highlight for the day.

Coming soon - the new GME Moreton can bins!!!

Don't wait up.

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