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Sunday, June 19, 2011

An email recieved today :-(

Bloody Vandalism: Much of this is irreplaceable.

Subject: End Platform Cars for Scrap

If you think losing Ropes Creek station is bad enough, consider what a heritage railway on the Mid North Coast has just done.

Thirteen End Platform cars and 3 Dog Box cars were scrapped at Lowanna between the 7th & 11th June by Glenreagh Mountain Railway. This is after scrapping two Dog Box cars at Megan last November. A settlement had only been reached between the Dorrigo group and GMR to transfer ownership of the cars at Lowanna on 30th May.

Yes the cars were wrecks but there were hundreds of spare parts including bogies with brand new wheels, buffers, hook drawgear, screw couplings, hand rails, brake shoes, brake rigging, bogie bolsters and pins, brass bearings, lubricating pads, seat frames, you name it. Only two bogies and a token number of parts were saved. The rest went to scrap. GMR also now holds the distinction of scrapping the last Dog Box car in NSW with Dean Bogies.

Five-car BAB Set 8, built in 1897, was unique in that it had teak under frames. The frames were tested on a visit to the site in November last year and were found to be as solid as when built. Where would you get 12" x 12" x 40ft long teak beams these days?

GMR says parts were offered to the Office of Rail Heritage, who supposedly advised that no group would be interested. As far as I know no group was ever contacted. I know of at least one group that was in need of End Platform car parts for their cars.

Next in line for scrapping will be a B Truck (only two or three remain), 11 S trucks and the only bogie Acid Tank Wagon left in existence. Most of the S trucks have brand new wheels, and their condition, although needing work, are better than some of those saved from recent ORH disposals.

So if you want some S trucks or brand new wheel sets say something now before it is too late. If they are not moved by the Dorrigo group within 4 months of 30th May (that is 30th September) the remaining stock will be scrapped.

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