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Monday, December 13, 2010

It was a day I had been eagerly awaiting for a number of weeks, the gathering of a few railfan mates in my former haunt of Wingello, for a day of railfanning and the usual chat that goes along with these events.
As the big date approached there was some apprehension about the weather forecast which slowly began to look worse and worse as the days drew closer.
My driving partner for the day, the world famous Colonel, was eager to go regardless of weather conditions and, while at first I was hesitant, some last minute disastrous news on the Wednesday helped me push through with a decision.

The disastrous news in question was the death of my very close friend Bill Sullivan, who I have known for nearly a decade and one who has been instrumental in my of the work I do with the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society'. He was only 61 and never showed any signs that this was going to happen.
So it was a choice of sitting home thinking about it, or going out and trying to enjoy myself with some other long-term friends. I, of course, decided on the later.

Departure from Sydney was around 4am, stopping at the 'Church Of Colonel, just after 5. The weather, while far from magnificent, was certainly quite acceptable. There was actually some quite large breaks.
Driving south there were ominous black clouds and lightening fast approaching, with some spitting already starting after Mittagong. Bundernoon was eventually reached in heavy rain, soon after Wingello, in rather cyclonic conditions.
Soon after the trains started rolling through.
NR57 NR68 - Dn conts - Picton and Bundanoon
8123 - Dn Garbage - Wingello - 07.10
After a brief respite from the conditions, we were again treated with an even heavier downpour as NR77 AN4 NR107 top the hill and roll down past the station (see above)

The steelie had not even past when over the carriage racket we could here 8136 8131 climbing the northbound grade with an up wheat, the headlight punching through the rain and fog.

Two small patches of blue sky were noted in another small break from the rain.

Bob turns up just in time to get 8106 8138 on another up wheatie.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and all the dribbling it has promoted, we were previously advised that MB7 would have a particularly spectacular combination up front.
For once the rain stayed away as the familiar sound of a approaching train was heard. Headinmg to the level crossing in search of a spot, we were soon treated to the second best train of the day (although I am sure the EMD fans would not agree with the best one).
CLF04 6006 LDP005 - MB7 - Wingello - 09.55

Wingello Station

NR101 NR36 - containers - Wingello - 11.17

The weather appears to be getting better! :-)

With weather deteriorating and nothing on the cards - a decision to move to Moss Vale in search of the Cockypoo Run which was to have the recently restored 4464 up front.

Moss Vale station carpark flooded.
8143 X47 up garbage train arrives at Moss Vale - in the pouring rain again.
4464 4486 on the Cockypoo run. This was the trial run for 4464 after an extended period of restoration.
Oh dear, pipe damage following ARTC track work.

S317 FL220 shunts Braemar sidings.

Of course, like any great rail adventure, the weather picks up at the
end of the day.

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