The Semi-Retired Foamer has been a railfan since he was around 5 years old, a very young age when one really should avoid being involved with the gunzel community to any great extent.
After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mate, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again. Having learned to laugh, with others, at all the more 'Moronic Foamers'.
.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Steamy? Yes, but because of the extreme temperatures, not for what your dirty perverted gunzel minds may be thinking.

A lunch at Mayfield to celebrate the aunties birthday naturally lead on to an afternoon of lineside bliss, and who better to spend this time with than Kurri Kurri's own kettle expert, Mr Nathan.
Despite the very brief amount of time, a number of good sights were seen, some even of the train variety.

Kurri local and international porn star, Mr Nathan!

The secret missle launching program at Kooragang is taking shape.

Hmmmm enough to boil the blood of any true gunzel.

Gunzel excitment was the order of the day as G539 BL26 48108 48165 and 4886 scream through Warabrook with a Cobar bound ore train.

The sight of MrNathan's new foamer chariot next to 8601 became all a bit to much for him.

Why Warabrook is loved by railfans everywhere.

Ahhhhh a sweet moment between god daddy and Tin Tin!
No, he did not have boiled lollies.
8601 again.

8251 8252 pass through Warabrook with an up Stratford coalie.

And crosses a Tranny.

Sadly just a western one, but as it was quite on the train front we took the opportunity.

McFuggly cars!

This class is a bit of a focal point for the local Filipino community. TT in Tagalog means, ahhmmmm, well penis. Looks like Pacific National has got themselves a dickie locomotive class.

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