The Semi-Retired Foamer has been a railfan since he was around 5 years old, a very young age when one really should avoid being involved with the gunzel community to any great extent.
After a few decades of train chasing, one decided to break with protocol and get married, thus leading to a severe cut in railfan activity.
Subsequent dealings with social misfits, lunatics, mental defectives and self-appointed experts lead to an even greater decrease in my hobby participation.
However things have changed thanks to our small group of trusted mate, interest has returned, and now I have become a bit more involved yet again. Having learned to laugh, with others, at all the more 'Moronic Foamers'.
.Oh the irony that lays behind that group name and the person who set it up..
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


With so many new forums and the like popping up nowdays, most are pretty much greeted with a HO-HUM type of attitude.

However if like me you experience a special kind of tingle when you see a bus go by, most especially those older types, then this new RETROBUS group may be of interest to you.

The owner is a personal friend of mine who has a huge interest in the older buses, which 95% of the content will revolve around. A good mixture of serious bus stuff and humour is expected, with an equally good mixture of bus industry and fan types amongst the membership.

So if your in love with Leylands!

If Bedfords drive you bonkers!

If your anal about Atlanteans!

If your fetish is Fords!

Then perhaps RETROBUS is the bus forum for you!

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