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Monday, September 15, 2008

East Botany - September 12th

Spent an all to rare day lineside with Chris Miller last week.
The trains, while irregular, were certainly worth the wait.

4463 was first cab off the rank with 4717 pushing up the rear with containers from the port.

Pride of the fleet - a very respectable looking 4463 powers away from the Page Street overbridge making a beautiful ALCo sound as it heads towards Mascot.


Yep the rest of the time spent there was a Bulldogfest-but please don't let that deter you from looking at the rest of the shots.

GM22 and GM27 with yet another rake of containers slowly make their way out of the yard and up towards Page Street.
Kelloggs is the large building in the background.

Last but not least was the passing of S300 and B76 on, yep, more containers. The train came up shortly before my due departure to pick up
'she who must be obeyed'.

Thanks be to Chris for filling in the gaps between trains with some good conversation.

Will ferret through my stuff for some more historical stuff to post shortly.


Somebody said...

Wow, you were lucky to see B67, given that one of it's noses is sitting in a yard in Stratford, VIC ;-)

I have tried some foaming in that area before (near the uncontrolled pedestrian x'ing). The only spot that looked okay was the overbridge toward Botany but it had no footpath.

4463 looks good!

alcogoodwin said...

Hi Somebody,
You can restore anything to service nowdays. :-)
Thanks for the correction. Given the amount of people who have seen it, I am surprised it took someone so long to pick it up (especially in this hobby).

The Botany line has some great locations. I am unsure which overbridge you mean, the only two I can think of near Botany both have footpaths, although the one used for these shots only has it on one side.
Best location (takes a short walk) is up at the golf course in summer. Sit under the tree and get trains coming through all the greenery (mornings).
Botany Road bridge at the port itself is also very good from mid morning till the afternoon, especially in winter.

4463 looks awesome huh.


Somebody said...

I think Page Street was the bridge. Perhaps I just wasn't looking properly, but I think there was only a footpath on one side, which was the wrong side to be standing on for trains coming from the port.

I ended up sitting down at the end of Bay St and climbing up the fence to see a train whenever one came.

Will have to try Botany Rd some time if I can work out what bus to catch, thanks for the advice. What do you mean by the golf course - as in to actually go in the grounds?


alcogoodwin said...

Yep that would be Page Street, it does lack a footpath on the best side. Still we always stand against wall on that side when trains are coming as vehicles swing way out when going across the bridge anyway.

The Golf Course location involves walking along where the old sidings used to be west of the Banksia Street crossing. The locals all use it for walking the dog or just for exercise. Cant been sitting under the tree on a lovely summers day with a cool breeze blowing :-)
Let us know whenever your back in the area again.