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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Philippine National Railways!

As railway interest deteriorates around Australia one has been forced to look elsewhere for more interesting topics in which to photograph.

You really need go little further than asia to find railways like we once had here. Staff that don't treat you like freaks, locals who are friendly in nature, yards free to entry without some psycho power hungry security guard approaching you ranting and raving.
The Philippines is but one great example.

The Philippine National Railways has certainly been down on its luck for years, but this only added to its charm. Surprisingly this charm has lead to a rather devoted band of followers (see PhilippineRailways Yahoogroup) who like nothing more than to research and ride what is left.

Alas like railfans of Australia, there are some unstable units going around, but thankfully these people remain in the minority and easily avoided so far away :-)

Alas time is catching up to the PNR. Rebuilt lines, refurbished stations and brand new DMUs all seem to be the recipie for the next couple of years. While such change is needed, it will certainly send shots like 919 arriving at Tayuman straight into the pages of history.

For any railfan wanting something different and exciting, hed on over to asia and leave the bollocks behind........

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dominic said...

thanks for posting about the PNR. thanks also for visiting my blog. inform me when you visit the Philippines again.